AIMS Adopts IS-04 Spec

BOTHELL, WASH. — The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) announced that it added the IS-04 specification to its roadmap. IS-04 is the Discovery and Registration API from the Advanced Media Workflow Association and is said to provide “a uniform way to query the registry, and provides connection management capabilities. It also describes a method for peer-to-peer discovery in order to permit operation on a link-local only or smaller network deployment.” AIMS said IS-04 “defines how IP-enabled devices can discover each other and connect compatible IP streams as part of a workflow. Furthermore, IS-04 automates that process, making discovery and connection more fluid than in a conventional SDI environment.“

AIMS, a consortium of media operations and their technology suppliers, “exists to develop a practical, common upgrade path from SDI to IP using the standards, recommendations, and technologies that are already being studied. IS-04 will assist in that effort by providing a defined and agreed-upon method for devices to discover, register, and operate with one another as workflows change over time — whether those changes take place over years, months, days, or even hours.”

“IS-04 provides the next level of interoperability beyond transporting data. By adding it to our roadmap, AIMS is not just advocating for protocols related to video, audio, and data transport, but for protocols that determine how multivendor solutions can create seamless interoperable environments,” said Michael Cronk, AIMS board chair. “The membership agreed that a common approach to managing discovery and registration was important, as such an approach provides a clearly defined way for SMPTE 2022-6- and SMPTE 2110-compliant devices to find and connect to each other. This allows us to leverage the benefits of IT and networking technologies to create a more flexible and scalable solution than conventional SDI routing systems will allow.”

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