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TV Tech Editorial Staff

Content Director: Tom Butts

Content Manager: Terry Scutt

Senior Content Producer: George Winslow

Contributing Editor: Phil Kurz

VP/Global Editor in Chief: Bill Gannon

Director of Sales, Media & Entertainment & Tech: Laura Lubrano

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Classifieds:  Zahra Majma

U.S. Mailing Address: TV Tech c/o Future US, Inc., 555 11th St. NW, Ste. 600, Washington, D.C.  20004 Phone: 845-414-6118


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Tom Butts

Tom Butts has been the editor in chief of TV Technology since 2001. He started out in this industry reporting for member communications for the National Association of Broadcasters in 1995. He is also former editor of DTV Business for Phillips Publishing (now Access Intelligence) and launched for VerticalNet in 1999. He is a graduate of the University of Maine.