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The Future of 5G and IP-ENG promo image

The Future of 5G and IP-ENG

The quality and reliability of cellular networks has incrementally grown over the life of that technology, denoted principally in Gs (for generation), as in “1G,” “2G,” etc.


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Lighting for ENG

When shooting in the style of electronic newsgathering, especially as a solo journalist on location, there is so much to take into consideration.

A Solid State of Non-Volatile Memory promo image

A Solid State of Non-Volatile Memory

Even as a mature, diverse and reliable technology—magnetic spinning disk drives (aka hard disk drives or “HDDs”) continue to grow in capacity, performance and cost benefits. Alternative storage solutions, however, continue to evolve.

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Verifying TV Facility Coverage

This month I’ll wrap up coverage of papers at the IEEE Broadcast Symposium as part of a discussion about measuring the coverage of existing or new facilities installed as part of the FCC channel repack.