Qligent to Introduce Match at IBC 2017

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Qligent wants IBC attendees to meet their new Match system, the latest addition to the company’s Vision cloud-based monitoring portfolio. Match, which is available as either a cloud-based system or on-premise software, provides real-time, automated comparison of transport stream, video and audio to spot and flag program-related errors.

According to Qligent, Match is capable of identifying media distribution errors like airing the wrong show, or putting a show on the wrong channel; capturing programmatic local ad splicing errors; assigning a foreign language to the wrong audio track; mistaking a static image for frozen video; insertion of incorrect program elements, such as bugs, crawls, time and temp into the stream; missing subtitles or audio.

“Match can decode the transport stream back to baseband video and audio in order to compare that version with the reference data it captured of the program while it was in its native state prior to distribution,” said Ted Korte, Qligent’s COO. “In comparing and analyzing the video and audio content, Match looks for programmatic errors and anomalies that may have occurred due to repeat encoding, multiplexing or other processes as the signals move downstream.”

Original Match reference data is not embedded in the transport stream, but ancillary data is available for reference at any point in the workflow.

Qligent will showcase the Match system at its booth, 8.E47, during IBC 2017, which takes place in Amsterdam from Sept. 14-18.