NAB Show NY: Interra Systems to Feature Quality Control Solutions

NEW YORK—At NAB Show New York, Interra Systems will showcase new additions to BATON, its quality control solutions family. BATON is a unified hybrid QC platform, which implements organizational QC policy to support a combination of automated and manual QC checks.

The latest version of BATON includes support for new codecs and formats including IMF App2 Extended, iTunes Subtitle, CineCanvas Subtitles and Kodak Cineon; and expanded audio language detection support for auto-detection capability for subtitles and closed-caption files with new multi-language checks of audio tracks.

The BATON features HDR quality checks for basic alignment of speech and captions; enhanced loudness detection and correction; support for DRM techniques; and support to register an HTTP/HTTPS location, and QC MPEG-DASH and HLS files.

Interra Systems will also demonstrate its BATON+ QC and analysis solution, which optimizes the QC process by allowing users to define workflows representing the stages through which media content flows in a facility.

Interra Systems will offer demos in booth N542.