2016 Product Preview: Lighting & Batteries

The novelty of energy efficient LEDs as the light-emitting source for professional lighting equipment has been over for years now, but light makers continue to refine their products to increase the quality of light and to add new features and form-factors.

ARRI SkyPanel softlightsLIGHTING
will showcase its JAB V2 Variable, providing a variable color temperature range from 3,000K to 6,000K, without compromising brightness: 2,100 f/c at 10 feet. Also new is the JAB Daylight, providing an output of more than 2,500 f/c at 10 feet while drawing 1.78 amps at full power; AC or battery power capability. Also on their stand, the JAB Hurricane, fully weatherproof and dust-proof (IP65 rating).

ARRI will feature its SkyPanel softlights and L-Series line of Fresnels that offer high-quality LED lighting for every application. They provide Color tuneability for exteriors and interiors, with high output and 2,800K-10,000K with Hue/Saturation control. There is calibrated color across both lines of fixtures.

BBS Pipeline Remote Phosphor Lighting SystemBBS Lighting will introduce its Pipeline Remote Phosphor Lighting System, an expandable array of modular, cylindrical fixtures, customizable to suit specific requirements. These new form-factor 1-inch diameter LED lights are available in lengths of 1-feet, 2-feet, 3-feet and 4-feet. The Area 48 Soft Studio softlight will also be shown, utilizing remote phosphor technology, and K7 LED Display Fixture, round, small and unobtrusive, which attaches via a strong neodymium magnet.

Cineo Lighting will introduce HSX, the latest in its HS studio lighting line. HSX is an integrated 450 W soft source, accurately tunable from 2,700K-6,000K. HSX features the same color accuracy and light quality as Cineo’s other remote phosphor fixtures.

DoPchoice will debut its SNAPBAG, a self-tightening softbox solution without speed rings that quickly installs onto a variety of lighting fixtures. SNAPBAG creates softlight up to 8x8-feet with no spill. Also featured are the SNAPGRID, which quickly installs on a softlight, and the BUTTERFLY GRID, which quickly and tightly installs on industry standard frames. Both are available with 30-, 40- or 50-degree light dispersion.

Frezzi will debut its new SunLight portable lighting fixtures, which join its family of SkyLight and HiLight fixtures. They can be powered by mounted battery packs or by an A/C power supply.

Ikan will release the next generation of its LED light family. The Rayden light provides brighter 45-degree LEDs, and the fixtures come in either bi-color or daylight color temperatures. The Lyra LED softlights have high CRI/TLCI chip LEDs paired with a 1/2 stop soft diffusion panel. And the Veyga LED lights have more than 800 LEDs, with brighter 45-degree angle bulbs.

K5600 Alpha 800K5600 will premier its Alpha 800, which follows the K5600 model of versatility, acting as six lights in one: a Fresnel, an open face, a Spacelight, a softlight, a focusable lensless Par, and a traditional Par with the 3,200K option. Also featured is the Joker 1600 Bug-A-Beam Adapter, also available for 400 and 800 Jokers. The Bug-A-Beam makes the mating of a Source-4 and Bug-Light 1600 quick and easy.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems will demonstrate its Select 30 and Select 20 LED Location Lighting Systems, which feature variable color (2,700K-6,500K), and run wirelessly via Lumen Radio transmitter. Newly added to the Select LED fixtures are tunable green-magenta settings to bring the lights into balance with other lights on the set and to key into the spectral curves of professional digital cameras.

Kinotehnik will debut its Practilite 602, touted as the smallest bi-color, variable beam, smartphone controlled LED light. The remote function is useful for single-person shooters or small crews when a gaffer is not available. Its Fresnel lens design provides greater light range than conventional LED fixtures, enabling wider shot angles and precise light-shaping without losing the LED output power/throw.

Litepanel’s Astra Soft Bi-Color LED panelLitepanels will introduce its Astra Soft Bi-Color LED panel. By employing a new diffused lens, the 1-square-foot Astra Soft Bi-Color provides a softlight alternative to the original Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED panel and mimics the effect of a softbox in a compact, portable design. The light provides continuously variable color temperature output from daylight to tungsten.

PrimeTime Lighting Systems will debut its 1SLED XB2, boasting twice the output of its softlight predecessor. It is designed for key, fill, side or back light applications. Also new is the company’s GUS 51 LED Fresnel, a bright focusable lighting fixture utilizing PrimeTime’s Therma-draw heat dispersion technology that eliminates the need for a fan for cooling. It features a Micro-Fresnel lens.

Rosco will showcase its Silk lighting range, which uses proprietary, tungsten and daylight-balanced LEDs to produce a high volume of broad-spectrum white light. With TLCI, CRI and R9 metrics in the high 90s, the fixture can produce a high volume of light output at color temperatures ranging from 2,800K - 6,500K.

Zylight F8-200 LED FresnelVidessence will feature its Vidnel VN080 Fresnel, which delivers tungsten performance in a powerful LED package at a high CRI. The 80 W fixture delivers more than 167 footcandles at 12-feet in spot focus, and has touch pad programming. The company will also show its Vidnel VN150 LED Fresnel 150 W fixture, with double the light output of the VN80 LED.

Zylight will demonstrate its F8- 200 LED Fresnel, powered by AC or two standard camera batteries for output brighter than a 400W HMI. It is water-resistant and offers spot and flood operations. The “Flat Fresnel” collapses to less than 5-inches thick for easy transport and storage. Also featured is the ZyLink Remote, for connecting and controlling Zylights from an iPhone. The app is free.

Muscle power is a trend in battery packs making their first appearance at this year’s NAB Show. News crews feeding live shots to the 24-hour news cycle have been demanding lightweight batteries with long run times.

Anton Bauer’s CINE batteryAnton/Bauer will debut its CINE battery, a durable Li-Ion solution in a compact design for high-power draw, digital cinema style cameras. In addition to featuring a long lasting charge, the CINE battery also has an easy-to-read LCD display that reports run time in hours and minutes when attached to a device or displays percentage of full charge when not attached. It includes a PowerTap for powering accessories.

Frezzi will feature its FLB 240WH battery packs, which provide long running time from a lithium-ion battery weighing 3.1 pounds. The 240s can be charged with Frezzi’s simultaneous FLC-2 dual channel charger with power supply and its FLC-1 compact single channel chargers.

IDX will unveil its DUO Compact batteries, which are both smaller and weigh less than standard batteries of the same energy output. The slim form factor DUO C95 battery pack weighs just 1.3 pounds and provides a 93Wh capacity. For those needing even longer run times, the DUO-C190 weighs just 2.3 pounds with a capacity of 185Wh. A lightweight travel charger will also be introduced.

Switronix will introduce its Hypercore Prime, a 190Wh (14.8V) battery pack that separates into two 95Wh pieces for legal transportation without restrictions under air transport available in V-mount and 3-stud mount options. Also featured will be the Hypercore SLIM lightweight battery for UAV, handheld gimbal and other applications where weight is critical.