Imagine Updates xG GamePlan to Ease Market Shifts To Impression-Based Ad Buys

DALLAS,APRIL 3, 2019 – Imagine Communications announced today that its breakthrough ad inventory optimization platform has been updated to ease the transition to impression-based ad buys. Launched in 2017, xG GamePlan™ was welcomed by customers for bringing improved efficiency to audience-based campaigns to reach target goals with less inventory. The latest update gives customers the ability to blend both spot and audience-based campaigns so they can gradually ease brands toward impression-based buying, which offers better value and more surgical options for targeting the right viewers.

xG GamePlan is in use globally with a proven track record for delivering better ad optimization efficiency, which frees up more airtime for additional campaigns. Imagine’s customers have used xG GamePlan to achieve campaign targets using as much as 75% less inventory. An MVPD customer was able to deliver a targeted audience with 66% more efficiency. xG GamePlan also reduced workflow speed – customers found they were able to optimize an entire data set across hundreds of campaigns and thousands of spots in just a few minutes.

“We know that our broadcaster and MVPD customers globally want to move to impression-based ad models to more strategically optimize their inventory, but most markets are built so heavily around ‘the spot’ that it’s not as easy as flipping a switch,” said Ronnie Bell, vice president of Global Product Management, Imagine Communications Ad Tech. “xG GamePlan helps start to solve that problem by making it simple for our customers to transition to audience-based strategies at a pace that’s right for them and the brands they work with.”

Cloud-based and fully-modular, xG GamePlan can be easily integrated into multivendor environments with existing business systems through open APIs for comprehensive campaign control and visibility. The first-of-its-kind booking optimizer ensures all opportunities are monetized without overdelivery, allowing even last-minute campaigns to be planned simply, accurately and effectively, enhancing relevance by automatically adjusting campaigns when projected viewer demographics shift. xG GamePlan also delivers speed and scale, able to book more than 9,000 commercials per minute based on 2.5 million optimization calculations.

Imagine Communications helps customers around the world drive down costs, grow profitability and develop enduring TV monetization strategies via breakthrough business cases that support delivery of video on their terms. The company leverages decades of global deployments to bring a world view of solutions to a range of challenges, helping guide customers toward new future TV visions. Imagine’s solutions break down inefficient siloed ad delivery systems for better efficiencies and a consolidated view that puts customers back in control of competitive destinies.

xG GamePlan will be on display at Imagine’s booth at the 2019 NAB Show (SL1516), where the company will share insights, innovations and customer success strategies from the frontlines of global video transformation.