SMPTE 2017: IHSE Is Showcasing Its Latest Extenders

LOS ANGELES—IHSE will demo the Draco vario SDI extender, the company’s most recent addition to the Draco vario KVM extender series. IHSE's latest SDI extender converts 3G-SDI signals for sharing serial digital video with IHSE's Draco tera KVM matrix switches. The new extender allows source and destination extensions up to 10 kilometers over single-mode fiber.

An integrated signal-conversion function uses IHSE's flex-port technology to switch SDI sources from the CPU to any other extender connected to the matrix in the digital video domain, including DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. The extender can switch any of the DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort CPU units to the SDI CON unit. This capability allows users to view content on a range of monitors without needing dedicated SDI displays and extra cables for SDI extension.

IHSE also will unveil its Draco ultra 493 Series DisplayPort extenders, which enable CPU operation from a remotely located workstation (including a DisplayPort 1.1 monitor, a keyboard, and a pointing device) over a single fiber connection. The company says its 493 Series extenders support the transfer of fully digital video in 4K resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 at a real 30-hertz refresh rate and full-color depth (24-bit, 4:4:4), as well as audio transmission via the DisplayPort interface. It is also possible to integrate optional Draco vario upgrade modules for digital audio input and output, as well as data signals such as USB 2.0 and RS232.