SMPTE 2016: Lawo to Demo V_matrix

Based on data center principles of flexibility, fabric computing and COTS economics, Lawo’s V__matrix is designed to provide a virtualized real-time production infrastructure. It leverages multiple processing cores connected to a high-capacity COTS switch with redundant 10GE and 40GE connections to form a distributed IP routing and processing matrix with frame-accurate, clean switching just like a legacy baseband matrix.

Powerful core processing blades are coupled with software-defined Virtual Modules—software applications that can be loaded to create required functionality, enabling workflows to be remapped in minutes as requirements change from production to production.

By cascading multiple Virtual Modules together, the V__matrix can be scaled linearly up to thousands of I/O and audio/video processing functions for unparalleled flexibility, versatility and cost-efficiency.

Lawo is located in booth 312.