SAMMA Systems Enhances Media Migration System

SAMMA Systems will be showing additions and enhancements to its media archiving systems at the NAB Show. These include technology for rating videotape condition and support for additional tape formats.

The new rating system is designed to evaluate the physical condition of tape as it passes through cleaning operations and assign a rating value. This assessment can then be used to help determine whether the tape can be successfully migrated to digital or if cleaning needs to be repeated. The system eliminates operator guesswork.

“The quality of tapes that have existed for up to 50-plus years in questionable environments is a big factor when encoding preparations are underway,” said Mark Gray, SAMMA Systems president. “This new sensor feedback system gives immediate feedback to the tape cleaning operator, thus slashing time and increasing efficiency.”

SAMMA Systems continues to expand support for the multiple physical videotape formats that may be encountered in an archival and preservation environment. The company’s equipment is now supporting digital recordings, including D1, D2, D3, D5, IMX, the DV family, Betacam SX and Digital Betacam. This expansion of capabilities also facilitates the conversion of JPEG 2000 files to MPEG-2 and Windows Media files to assist in viewing and other uses.