Quantum Highlighting New StorNext 6, Xcellis at IBC 2017

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—After making its debut in Las Vegas this past April at the 2017 NAB Show, Quantum is taking its new StorNext 6 storage platform abroad to showcase at IBC 2017. The company is also bringing its Xcellis system and additional products that can work in collaboration with the two products or independently.

Quantum has given the StorNext 6 platform a series of updates that will be demonstrated at IBC. One such update is a quality of service feature that enables facilities to tune and optimize performance across all client workstations and on a machine-by-machine basis. There is also the FlexSpace Shared Arhcive, which allows for multiple instances of StorNext located anywhere to share a common content repository. Finally, the FlexSync multisite synchronization update provides a way to synchronize content between multiple StorNext systems in a manageable and automated fashion.

For the Xcellis, Quantum will showcase its new 4K reference architectures. These architectures were created from real-world 4K testing and scaled for facilities from small to large. The reference architectures are tuned to deliver predictable-stream-count workloads for the full range of 4K formats.

Additional products that Quantum has on its plate are the FlexTier public and private cloud access system and the Veritone artificial intelligence platform. FlexTier is a cloud-access feature that allows for integration of existing public-cloud storage accounts and third-party object storage into a StorNext environment and familiar media workflows. The Veritone, meanwhile, is a multi-engine AI platform in a Quantum StorNext-managed environment; this includes the Veritone aiWARE platform.

Quantum will also host a presentation theater where it will provide demonstrations of live multistream 4K and 8K color correction and editorial workflows.

Quantum will be located at booth 7.B27 during IBC 2017, which runs from Sept. 15-19 in Amsterdam.