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Orad to unveil new version of Maestro graphics suite at IBC2012

At IBC2012, Orad will showcase the latest release of its Maestro enterprise graphics system. Maestro addresses end-to-end graphics creation and distribution workflows for real-time, pre- and post-broadcast production environments. It seamlessly integrates with industry-standard newsroom, automation, traffic and editing systems.

A key feature of Maestro 6.7 is GMAM, a graphics-oriented media asset management technology fully integrated with Maestro. It provides broadcasters with administration and production tools to better facilitate graphics production and distribution in large-scale production operations where multiple users and workgroups spread across different departments require access to graphic production tools.

Also featured in the new release is an order management system that better manages asset requests for video clips and images. Another significant new feature is the SceneEdit module, which lets users create a completely new graphic design or modify the look of existing graphics from the playout station.