NAB Show Product Preview: Lighting & Batteries

When LED fixtures first hit the motion picture market, buyers had to put up with some color rendering anomalies in order to take advantage of LED features such as low heat generation, low power consumption and long bulb life. In the dozen or so years since then, the color rendering index (CRI) of LED fixtures has gone way up, and continues to improve year-on-year.

BB&S LIGHTING will introduce 4-inch, 3-foot and 4-foot versions of its Pipeline Free Remote Phosphor fixtures with inline driver/dimmers. The Pipeline fixtures draw 10W and deliver 1000 lumens per 1-foot in length.

Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 250

CINEO LIGHTING will unveil the Quantum c80, an easy-to-use tunable soft source with Cineo’s reference quality white light and full-gamut RGB color and featuring Photo-Accurate Dimming with no flicker and completely silent operation.

CORE SWX will present its TorchLED Bolt 250, which leverages a newly patented Refractory Lens Technology that provides a 250W equivalent light output while 40 percent thinner than its predecessor, the Bolt 220R.

FLUOTEC will introduce its 30 Bicolor Tunable DMX Softlight LED Panel, a new High CRI and TLCI powerful pure white SoftLight BiColor tunable DMX 1x1-foot LED panel featuring the Nebula Diffusion chamber technology.

FREZZI ENERGY SYSTEMS will present its next generation Frezzi On-Cam Pro Light, with high output LED-MR16s that can be interchanged for 5600K or 3200K output.

KINO FLO will debut its 360-Degrees of Color system, which allows Kino Flo’s new Diva-Lite LED and Select LED fixtures to come loaded with professional cine swatch book presets, plus full hue and saturation color control.

LITEPANELS will showcase its Astra Soft Bi-Color 1x1 Panel, its soft light alternative to the original Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED panel. The new fixture mimics the effect of a softbox in a compact, portable design.

MATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT will introduce VooDoo cloth, a full-density fabric that produces extremely soft diffusion that is suitable for overheads and butterflies as well as 4x4-feet when used with large, single-point light sources such as sunlight or Fresnel fixtures.

Photon Beard 180 Highlight LED

OUTSIGHT CREAMSOURCE will feature its SKY LED Softsource designed to fulfill the need for a studio space sky lighting instrument. Key features are color quality (typically 95 CRI), IP 65 water resistance, runs silent with no fans and has a wide color range of 2200K to 15000K.

PHOTON BEARD will feature its Highlight LED range of professional lighting fixtures. Their color rendering and high television lighting consistency indexes (CRI and TLCI) is achieved through the ingenious application of remote phosphor technology.

PRIMETIME will unveil its MSLED XB2 Studio Light, which boasts a powerful punch and throw, high CRI and can be used in low ceiling applications.

ZYLIGHT will showcase lighting products from Aladdin, with its Bi-FLEX line of lights and NanGuang, which offers an assortment of full-size Fresnels and affordable portable kits

Earlynews film cameras such as the Bell & Howell Filmo didn’t need batteries: you wound them up and they ran for about 40 seconds. But since the coming of video cameras, power in one form or another is a must in order to take pictures. Battery makers exhibiting at this NAB will continue to push the limits on energy capacity and low weight.

BLOCKBATTERY will expand the range of block solutions with a new 700Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate block. Designed for heavy load cinematic production applications, the LiFE700 is capable of providing two different voltages (24V and 13.8V) simultaneously.

CORE SWX will demonstrate its Fleet D Charger, which features two independent charge bays. The company will also feature its Hypercore SLIM HC8, an 85Wh (14.8V) battery pack developed to provide the best Li-Ion technology for UAV, handheld gimbal and other applications demanding lowprofile batteries.

PAGlink PowerHub

FREZZI will showcase its MAX Li-Ion Power Systems, on-board advanced Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that are supplied with tri-button or V mounting, plus a selection of portable and base station analyzing chargers.

PAG AMERICA will introduce its PAGlink PowerHub, which provides a plethora of power outputs needed for camera accessories. Designed to be used between two PAGlink Gold Mount batteries, it powers the camera and accessories simultaneously, while maintaining hot-swap capability.