NAB Show NY: Magewell to Unveil Multichannel HDMI Input-Output Card

NEW YORK—Magewellwill launch the Flex I/O HDMI 4i2oat NAB Show New York. It’s the second card in the company's new Flex I/O family of PCI Express input/output cards. The Flex I/O SDI 4i2o, also on display, was announced at the spring NAB Show.

The Flex I/O models each feature four input channels and two outputs. All inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously with differing resolutions, frame rates and processing settings. Each input channel can also be routed to multiple software applications in parallel, enabling concurrent tasks such as live streaming, recording and playout, all from a single card.

The Flex I/O HDMI 4i2o features HDMI connectivity and supports HD and 2K video with up to eight channels of embedded audio per input or output. The Flex I/O SDI 4i2o captures and outputs video up to 2048x1080 over 3 Gbps SDI interfaces, plus up to 16 channels of embedded audio in each SDI signal. SDI input channels, as well as the two outputs, can be paired for dual-link SDI connectivity.

The Flex I/O series features 10-bit, FPGA-based video processing, providing up/down conversion, video adjustments, graphic overlay and more, while maximizing CPU availability for third-party software. Drivers for the Flex I/O cards will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Magewell will be on the exhibit floor in booth N1039.