NAB Show NY: IMT-Vislink to Display newsnet IP Network

NEW YORK—IMT-Vislink and will showcase the newsnet solution, a technological ecosystem established for ENG use. newsnet incorporates a high-speed, bidirectional IP network that utilizes the 2 GHz BAS-licensed spectrum, thereby increasing the number of live ENG transmissions and workflows that can be performed from the field. The system consists of one or more mobile high-speed IP network nodes that connect with a base station, typically located at existing ENG receive sites. Each mobile node not only offers high-quality video transmission capability, but also a private ingress point for other IP-centric edge devices — allowing users to control their own private high-speed IP-licensed wireless network to ensure their content and intellectual property are not at risk.

With a user interface accessible to many skill levels, newsnet allows for multiple access points to operate simultaneously on the same BAS channel, all while enabling a high bandwidth IP connection with the newsroom computer system (NRCS). This IP connection can be leveraged to enhance news production values through high-speed file sharing, as well as enabling all other IP-centric tools in remote locations, phone systems, closed captioning, automation and remote asset management. newsnet is compatible with MOS protocol-based news automation systems such as Ross, Octopus, Dalet and Video Inception.

IMT-Vislink will exhibit in booth N1225.