JVC to Showcase VideoCloud at GV Expo

WAYNE, N.J.—JVC will use the upcoming GV Expo stage as a spotlight for its new online video and live streaming platform the JVC VideoCloud. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, VideoCloud comes with a content management system and customization tools to provide both private and public viewer experiences.

VideoCloud is built to complement JVC’s PTZ cameras and camcorders with built-in HD streaming and RTMP support. Users with online JVC accounts can set up events in advance with custom web pages hosted on the cloud or as streams embedded on the customer’s website. Individual event credentials are stored in the camera and can be initiate a live stream with a single button. Open access or password requirements can be set-up as well.

Content is delivered with the VideoCloud through the backbone of the Akamai content delivery network. Its content management system automatically navigates the user to the nearest network entry point, causing minimal latency or packet loss.

Users can manage the VideoCloud from a PC, Mac or mobile device. Additional features include multiple skins for video players; ability to add logos and graphics; website creation; delivers detailed analytics on viewing behaviors; and can connect with Google Analytics.

JVC is offering the VideoCloud in a few different options. The Premium pricing plan includes 1,000 viewing hours (100 GB) and unlimited live channels for $99 per month. The Plus plan provides 200 viewer hours (20 GB) and unlimited live channels for $49 per month. A free option is also available, with one live channel and 50 viewer hours (5 GB). To register, visit www.jvcvideocloud.com.

The 2016 GV Expo will take place from Dec. 7-8 in Washington D.C. JVC will be located at booth 102.