Jünger Audio Dives in to Immersive Audio at IBC 2015

BERLIN - Jünger Audio is set to reveal new quality control tools for immersive multichannel 3D audio at the upcoming 2015 IBC Show. On display will be a prototype audio monitoring platform that will allow broadcasters to check the quality of all immersive audio transmission, regardless of format.

The audio monitoring system is a hardware-based product that will serve as a future platform to host immersive 3D audio encoding formats from different vendors, including MPEG-H TV audio system and Dolby’s immersive audio system. The hardware contains a combination of I/O, decoding stage, monitoring functionality, audio control software, and an advanced user interface. The platform allows monitoring and auditioning of up to 16 channels of audio. SDI, MADI and AoIP input and output formats will also be included. For object based encoded content, the graphical interface allows the user to perform 3D panning for audio objects to move and pan them around the screen.

At IBC, Jünger will demonstrate its audio monitoring technology with the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG-H TV audio system. The integration of Jünger loudness control features into MPEG-H enables broadcasters to identify content that has already been processed or leveled for loudness control or not.

Jünger Audio will be located at booth 10.A49. The 2015 IBC Show will take place in Amsterdam from Sept. 11-15.