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Front Porch Digital - DIVASolutions

The global leader in content storage management (CSM), Front Porch Digital now offers DIVASolutions, three product categories that can be integrated to migrate, manage, and market media content securely and efficiently. DIVASolutions SAMMA products are the first of their kind to automate digitization of videotape, moving content into secure, accessible, and searchable digital storage. DIVArchive and DIVAdirector are trusted solutions for scalable and reliable CSM that enable digital file-based workflows to operate seamlessly across multiple sites.

At NAB2011, Front Porch Digital will showcase its DIVApublish mpx video publication platform and a new utility, DIVAframe, to incorporate unique metadata-creation tools. DIVApublish mpx enables management of content distribution to key platforms, and the automated creation of deeply searchable frame-level metadata for video content. The company’s vision for broadcast video archival is not just about scalable storage solutions, but an archive that is open, active, and connected. These tools illustrate that strategy in motion: delivering the archive content seamlessly to almost any device — from mobile phones to set-top boxes.