Caption Software Encoder at NAB

Rockville, Md.’s Computer Prompting & Captioning Co. (CPC) is showcasing their Closed Caption Software Encoder. Available as CaptionMaker 700-NLE for Windows or MacCaption for Macintosh, this software cuts captioning costs while enhancing both the captioning process and quality of video output when compared to hardware encoders. With the entire captioning process possible on a computer, the need for expensive hardware and videotape is gone.

In a recent press release, President of CPC, Dr. Dilip K. Som said, “Even analog video users can benefit from CPC’s software encoder. Hardware analog encoders require the video to be copied in the encoding process. This degrades the analog video signal, especially in non-professional formats, such as VHS. Our software encoder captions onto the original video, so the quality of the original is preserved.”

If a less robust approach is desired, CPC offers CCaption for Windows and MacCaption-Lite for Macintosh. This software series encodes captions that were formatted and time-stamped by non-encoding captioning software.

Since 1986, Computer Prompting & Captioning Co. has been developing closed captioning, teleprompting and subtitling software and services. For more information stop by the company’s booth or visit