Calrec Preps Brio, RP1 for Government Video Expo

WASHINGTON—Calrec is heading to our nation’s capital to demonstrate some of its latest products at the 2017 Government Video Expo. Among the products set to be shown during the conference are the Brio compact digital audio consoles and the RP1 remote production unit.


The Brio is the smallest digital broadcast audio console in Calrec’s Bluefin2 family of products. It offers a dual-layer, 36-fade surface that measures in at 892mm wide. The system provides access to a large number of audio paths, while its 15.6-inch HD touchscreen user interface gives quick access to more in-depth control. The Brio comes with analog and digital I/O and GPIO built into the surface. Expansion I/O slots are available for further I/O integration. The unit can also fit a Hydra2 module to connect and share audio over Calrec’s Hydra2 network.

Calrec also plans to highlight new features for its RP1 remote production unit. Among the added features are a two-band filter and four-band EQ, expander and gate facilities, compressor and sidechain EQ facilities, direct output for all remote faders (up to 5.1) and remote auxes via Calrec Assist. The new software also provides VCA master control from the host console and pairing of transmission and remote faders. In addition, a new “blocking” mode prevents the RP1 unit from affecting the paired transmission faders, while the “independent” mode allows the RP1 to operate independently of the host when required.

Calrec will showcase these products at booth 403 during the 2017 Government Video Expo.