2017 NAB Show Extended Listings

LAS VEGAS—Here’s an extended preview of some of the products that will be on display from nine NAB Show exhibitors.


UHF Elliptically Polarized Cavity Slot Antenna:

Wide Band Antenna Solution that allows variable elliptical polarization. Available as single or dual input feed. Configurable to produce various azimuth and elevation patterns.

VHF Elliptically Polarized Panel Antenna:

Antenna solution for high band VHF Broadcast Television. Panel arrays offer omni or direction coverage in either a top or side mount installation.

Booth: C1162


Parallax solid state VHF Band 3 DTV transmitter features up to 50 percent efficiency using liquid cooled high efficiency Doherty technology. It shares the mechanical architecture, user interface, and performance with the award winning UHF Parallax. The Parallax family provides highest reliability and efficiency, for the lowest overall cost of ownership.

E-Compact has been optimized for the US repack market. It now incorporates the latest air cooled broadband Doherty amplifiers. E-Compact utilizes 950W high efficiency PA blocks and is available in TPO of more than 10kW in both ATSC 1.0 or 3.0.

EXACT-V2 DTV exciter is fully optimized for both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0. It has the highest RF performance; even in sharp tuned filters/adjacent channel combiner systems that will likely be seen post repack scenarios. “DualCast” technology migrates from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0 with a simple license upgrade.

Booth: C4309

Dan Dugan Sound Design

The new Dugan Model E-3A is an automatic microphone mixing controller with AES digital I/O. It provides fast, transparent cross-fades without upcutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. The Model E-3A is designed to connect to standard mixing consoles via insert points, making it a versatile and useful tool for sound engineers who frequently manage multiple microphones at live events such as talk shows, sports broadcasts, governmental sessions or corporate meetings.

The Model E-3A replaces the prior Model E-3. The new version incorporates a bright OLED front panel, which is used for automix gain display, management of six matrix mixing buses and other control functions. The E-3A accommodates 16 channels of AES I/O at 48kHz or 96kHz, and may be easily linked to other Dugan digital mixers for system expansion. Alternatively, users may utilize AES and ADAT I/O simultaneously for a maximum of 32 channels at 48kHz.

Booth: C6906


Fluotech is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive line of Studio and Production lighting LED fixtures designed for television studios, motion pictures, video & photography.

Fluotech’s lineup includes:

Cinelight, a line of powerful white SOFT light bicolor tunable DMX StudioLED panels

Starmaker Portable AC & Battery Operated IP65 Bicolor Production Lighting LED panels

Motorized & Manual Zoom StudioLED Fresnels

· Vegalux 500 15-inch Powerful 5K DMX Manual Zoom Daylight & Tungsten CCT fresnels

· Vegalux 300 13-inch 2K Bicolor Tunable 300W DMX Motorized Zoom fresnel

· Vegalux 200 7-inch 1K 180W DMX Motorized Zoom Daylight & Tungsten CCT fresnels

· Auralux 5.5-inch 146W DMX Manual Zoom Daylight & Tungsten CCT fresnels

StudioLED 650, 450, 250 Bicolor Tunable Daylight & Tungsten DMX panels with SoftBOX Studio soft control light accessories

These high TLCI & CRI light fixtures emit the powerful pure white light needed by DP´s, producers, photographers and filmmakers for excellent color rendition.

Booth: C161


IHSE’s universal matrix for switching multiple types of formats in the same frame. The award-winning Draco tera compact UNI matrix switch is an innovative hybrid solution that uses modular SFP technology. It can support a wide range of pluggable modules to allow any mixture of SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, USB 3.0 and ultra-high-definition KVM in resolutions up to 4K. Available frame sizes include 8, 16, 32, or 48 ports in 1 RU.

Booth: SL12416


The LU600 is a powerful new portable transmission unit that delivers the highest video quality and bitrate in the market (up to 20Mbps), and is set to offer the fastest file transfer (80Mbps), lowest delay (0.5 sec) and 100Mbps high-speed bonded internet connection. It’s also field upgradable to H.265 HEVC.

LiveU Solo is an affordable high-quality, plug-and-play live streaming device built on LiveU’s proven bonding technology. Solo is the streaming solution of choice for major online media companies and content creators, and allows users to live stream seamlessly directly to Facebook Live and other popular social media and online platforms.

The LU710, LiveU’s next generation hybrid ENG vehicle solution, increases network reception for resilient live HD video transmission on-the-go while wirelessly connecting any LiveU pack to a LiveU Xtender antenna solution and satellite with distances of over 1,000 feet within line of sight.

Booth: C2617


The New Wave in Broadcast Solutions:RFS is committed to developing cutting-edge, cost-effective broadcast solutions designed to outlast other systems while never compromising on performance. The new wave anticipates the evolving technology needs of our partners. It creates greater connectivity within the markets we serve and represents one simple force – the design, manufacture and deployment of RF technology, systems and services.

In 2016, RFS expanded its U.S. broadcast manufacturing operations, allowing the company to better support broadcasters as they prepare for the U.S. spectrum repacking program. RFS offers a full suite of broadcast products that are frequency agile, polarization agile and future proof, including its SBB series of wideband slot antennas and PEP Lite antennas. They provide low wind-load and allow operation on any channel within the full UHF band. RFS’ new RFStarTM UHF slotted array antennas provide a simple, reliable option for single or dual channel fixed polarization applications.

Product Highlight: RFStar UHF Slotted Array Antenna from RFS

RFS’ utilizes proven “Slot” design technology for full range of USA antennas. Featuring low wind load, they provide a simple and reliable option for single or dual channel fixed polarization applications. An enclosed radome adds reliability. Horizontal, elliptical and circular polarizations are available along with three types of vertical patterns (varying degrees of null fill).

Booth: C2022


VidOvation TV, a turnkey enterprise IPTV system, now includes full integration of DirecTV content. The integration enables an end-to-end IPTV system that includes DirecTV, digital rights management, video on demand and digital video recording with streaming to smartphones, tablets, desktop players, displays, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

VidOvation In-house Enterprise IPTV is a turnkey flexible and scalable Enterprise IPTV solution that empowers organizations to incorporate live TV programs, live internal video broadcast and video-on-demand to increase the efficiency of training and communications. VidOvation Enterprise IPTV delivers digital television programming to employee's PC's, TV's, Smartphones and Tablets, allows scheduled recording via program guide on PC's and provides such recorded content for on-demand time-shift viewing.

Booth: C6646


VoiceInteraction specializes in developing speech processing technologies to create innovative solutions in an ever-growing number of application domains, such as Automatic Live Closed Captioning, Speech Transcription, Spoken Term Detection and Indexing, Spoken Language Identification and Speech Analytics for Actionable Knowledge, Compliance Logging and Broadcast Monitoring.

For TV broadcasters and content producers, the company’ strong focus is on applying a speech transcription system to programs such as the news. The company has developed an automatic captioning system—AUDIMUS.Media—to produce high quality and accurate captions in real-time during live TV shows. More recently, the company presented a brand new solution to the market—MMS Broadcast Edition—an automatic solution for media monitoring that assures the quality control on media archives, allows TV broadcasters to comply with the legal regulations for media recording and to analyze their contents based on several criteria: speech, audio, TV ratings, and much more.

Booth: SU9921