Haivision announces InStream Mobile HD media player

Haivision has announced the availability of InStream Mobile, a low-latency HD media player for iOS and Android devices. It receives, scales and decodes up to 1080p60 full frame rate H.254 video.

Designed to receive industry-standard H.264 MPEG transport streams over IP, an end-to-end system coupling Haivision's Makito HD H.264 encoder with InStream Mobile can achieve latencies for full frame rate HD video in under one second. Some tests with full 1080p60 streams sent from the Makito directly to the iPhone 5 have shown end-to-end latency of less than 500ms. Leveraging IP multicast, the HD broadcast can be received by an unlimited number of InStream Mobile players without the need for a streaming se

rver. The media player also features instant channel tune-in, gesture-based channel changes and the ability to establish multiple preset channels.

InStream Mobile is available as a free application in the Apple App Store and soon from the Google Play Store.