DVS accelerates Cube-Tec's archive workflow

The collaboration between Cube-Tec and DVS optimizes the speed and efficiency of workflows in archiving environments. The workstation CLIPSTER and the video server VENICE integrate seamlessly into the workflow solutions of the archive specialists Cube-Tec. At the same time, the DVS systems handle the task of converting the various file formats. Besides generating uncompressed formats, the two DVS systems are able to create JPEG2000 formats at high speed. CLIPSTER and VENICE digitize video materials both via HD-SDI as well as via a transcoding process into a full range of compressed and uncompressed formats.

The various tasks can be freely structured and processed automatically — including ingest and play-out workflows using the DI workstation CLIPSTER or video server VENICE, for example. But, this also includes transcoding processes with very high data-throughput rates, hardware-based JPEG2000 encoding and a wide range of format conversions for ingest into any server-based systems such as Avid ISIS Shared Storage and Interplay PAM, which can be carried out with ease.