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Over the past 25 years, WORK Microwave has garnered a strong industry reputation for designing innovative satellite communications technologies. WORK Microwave platforms span a wide range of applications within the broadcast, satellite, and telco markets, including SNG and OB vans, digital terrestrial TV and local cable distribution, directtohome, IP trunking and backhaul, teleport, remote location, and more.

Leveraging its global technology expertise and broad application support, WORK Microwave is able to deliver a cost-effective, reliable solution that successfully fits the specific needs of each customer.

At SATELLITE 2013, WORK Microwave will perform a series of advanced technology demonstrations geared toward its North American customer base. In addition to showcasing the company's popular DVB-S2 Combined Data and Video Modem SK-DV, DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP, and Fifth Generation Frequency Converter Series, WORK Microwave will unveil a powerful new DVB-S2 multistream feature for its demodulator product line.

Key Products and Technology Demos

New DVB-S2 Multistream Feature for SDD-TS and SDD-DV Demodulators

At SATELLITE 2013, WORK Microwave will introduce DVB-S2 multistream functionality to its extensive line of demodulator solutions, including the company's flagship SDD-TS and SDD-DV products. Utilizing this powerful new technology, users can seamlessly de-aggregate/demodulate multiple transport streams and IP data (up to six) into a single carrier, thereby reducing the amount of equipment required for uplink and downlink operations and optimizing efficiencies. Ideal for satellite newsgathering and local cable distribution applications, the innovative technology simultaneously supports IPv4 and IPv6 outputs, as well as full integration of DVB-S2 multistream, including null packet reinsertion and output realignment, decreasing costs for satellite and cable providers.

DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV Combined Data and Video Modem

Ideal for operators relying on a hybrid infrastructure that requires TS and IP interfaces, WORK Microwave's DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV utilizes DaVid technology to simultaneously transport data (network connection) and live broadcast (video content) over a single satellite carrier, aggregating multiple MPEG transport streams and IP data into a unified DVB-S2 multistream. Visitors to the WORK Microwave booth can learn more about the modem's powerful feature set, including VideoACM, traffic shaping, cross layer design, Generic Stream Encapsulation, and OptiACM, which maximize data throughput and bandwidth use while reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP Integrated With Xiplink TCP/QoS Feature

WORK Microwave will demonstrate its DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP, which harnesses XipLink traffic shaping and WORK Microwave OptiACM functionalities to optimize throughput and increase network bandwidth for service providers, corporate networks, and telcos. During a live demonstration, visitors can experience first-hand the ACM functionality of the IP modem by viewing an interactive test setup that shows how it compensates for disturbances in the satellite link caused by physical conditions such as humidity and atmospheric precipitation.

Fifth Generation Frequency Converter Series

At SATELLITE 2013, WORK Microwave will showcase new enhancements to its next-generation frequency converter series designed for applications that require low phase noise, ranging from S-band to Ka-band. Utilizing a sophisticated new synthesizer, the frequency converters can deliver phase noise at a level that significantly exceeds the respected industry standard according to Intelsat's Phase Noise Specification, IESS-308/309.

Company Overview:

About WORK Microwave (

Headquartered in Holzkirchen (near Munich), Germany, and comprised of four operating divisions -- Satellite Technologies, Navigation Simulators, Defence Electronics, and Sensors and Measurement -- WORK Microwave leverages over 25 years of experience to anticipate market needs and apply an innovative and creative approach to the development of frequency converters, DVB-S2 equipment, and other digital signal processing technologies while maintaining the highest standards for quality, reliability, and performance.

WORK Microwave's Satellite Technologies division develops and manufactures high-performance, advanced satellite communications equipment for telecommunications companies, broadcasters, integrators, and government organizations that are operating satellite earth stations, satellite news gathering vehicles, fly-aways, and other mobile or portable satellite communication solutions.

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