Orad’s Video Wall Solutions Now Enhanced with a Web-Based Configurator Tool for Increased Efficiency

January 27, 2015 --Today, Oradhas announced that its video wall solutions have been enhanced with a Layout Configurator, allowing operators to create or edit the layout of their HDVG video rendering signals from a web browser. The configuration changes are updated in real time so all changes can be observed live.

The Layout Configurator allows for quick setup and configuration of the layouts that will be used for any type of production. Easily adapting to the difficult aspect ratios and arrangements that are possible with studio wall configurations, the Layout Configurator can adjust the placement and orientation of the signals being sent from the HDVG4 to the displays. Built-in color correctors for each output help control the look of the content on the wall without requiring expensive external systems or technical adjustments on the wall itself.

Accessible from any PC on the same network as the Orad HDVG4 video rendering platform, a user simply opens a browser and connects to the HDVG in order to change the layout. New layouts can be quickly created either from scratch, or based upon an existing layout.

All operations carried out in the Layout Configurator are done live when RenderEngine is running. The user has immediate feedback regarding the changes that are being made, and no system restarts are required. Layouts can be switched between productions in the event that the same system is connected to different wall layouts.

To learn more about PowerWall, please go to: http://www.orad.tv/product/studio/powerwall.

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