Snell at CCW 2012:

Snell will showcase a wide range of new and existing products at this year's CCW. Many of these systems operate at 3Gbps, a capability that Snell has recently announced as standard with no price premium. 


KudosPro MC500 -- Low-Cost Signal-Processing Platform

CCW will see the international debut of KudosPro MC500, the newest addition to the KudosPro family of cost-effective, broadcast-quality format and standards conversion systems. The KudosPro range is available at an exceptionally low price point -- making it ideal for the many broadcasters, news agencies, and content providers that must consider cost and space issues while also ensuring high-quality delivery of large numbers of channels to domestic and international audiences. With the MC500, Snell places the superior picture quality of motion compensation within reach of even the tightest budgets. Like the other KudosPro converters, the MC500 provides up-, down-, and crossconversion for all broadcast standards including SD, HD, and 3Gbps (1080p), and includes a range of tools for picture enhancement, audio gain/delay/shuffle, closed caption and timecode passing, AFDs, and much more. 

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ICE Channel-in-a-Box v3.0 -- We Thought About the Channel, Not Just the Box

ICE is an integrated, IT-based playout solution that delivers robust, scalable, and affordable operation for real-world broadcast playout environments, and it is the only channel-in-a-box solution that truly scales from one to 100+ channels. New features to ICE further extend Snell's channel-in-a-box cost benefits. With a focus on incorporating more of the channel into the box, Snell's ICE now includes powerful, integrated 3D and 2D graphics, CG functionality with timeline-editing control, and the ability to populate fields from Morpheus automation or external data sources to schedule events. 

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New Morpheus User Interfaces -- World-Leading Automation That Decreases Cost and Stimulates Revenue

Understanding the need for clear and simple graphical representation of multiple channels of playout, Snell has introduced new user interfaces that make Morpheus playout automation even easier to use and allow a single operator to monitor the highest number of channels. Morpheus v3.0 boasts full support for virtual machines, which facilitates lower space and power requirements while improving system resilience. 

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Vega Router -- For Flexible Port, Fiber, and Coax Configuration

Snell's award-winning Vega is a new routing platform that allows users to configure any signal port independently for fiber or coax (copper), easing a mixed connectivity environment and helping broadcasters to migrate simply and cost-effectively. Available in 2RU with 96 ports or 4RU with 192 ports, its unique design also enables any port to be configured as either an input or output, providing the industry's most flexible asymmetric routing solution. Vega uses proprietary algorithms to monitor every subassembly continuously and offers a full range of options for maximum redundancy: dual crosspoints, dual controllers, dual power supplies, and dual fans -- all "hot" pluggable or replaceable. 

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Sirius 830 Router With Advanced Hybrid Processing -- Taking Audio Routing/Processing to a New Level

Snell will showcase the new advanced hybrid processing (AHP) technology built into the company's Sirius 800 series of large-scale, multi-format, expandable hybrid routers. The 15-RU Sirius 830 features high-performance modules for flexible routing of SD, HD, ASI, and 3Gbps signals. New embedded audio and AES/MADI processing modules with AHP facilitate embedded audio routing, audio track swapping, and processing on all inputs and outputs. These modules allow users to route any combination of embedded, discrete, and MADI sources and destinations. AHP provides the most powerful and flexible processing available, offering huge space and cost savings when compared with traditional hybrid routing. 

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Kahuna 360 -- The World's First Native 1080p/3G Switcher

Kahuna 360 supports any format in and any format out, on any input or output including 1080p (single link), as standard for a smooth and cost-effective migration from HD to 1080p. The switcher's unique Make M/E(TM) technology delivers unmatched flexibility when sharing resources with multiple consoles. And now, Snell has made the functionality of the full-size Kahuna 360 available in a new, lower-cost Kahuna 360 Compact -- including seven keyers per M/E, resource sharing with Make M/E technology, and FormatFusion3, which supports any format in and any format out. 

The Kahuna range also includes Kahuna Flare, the first mid-level switcher to offer standard single-link 1080p support alongside SD and HD formats -- making it ideal for over-the-air broadcasts, IP, or Internet delivery platforms, and even large progressive screen presentations.

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IQ -- Extensive Modular Range With New Low-Cost 3G Modules 

Snell will show a new range of IQ modules that provide translation between common 1080p50/60 standards and allow these high-bandwidth signals to be transported efficiently over existing SDI infrastructure. New modules include a 3Gbps format translator that provides signal translation between SMPTE 372M dual-link and SMPTE 425M single-link sources, allowing signal integration into a single-system standard. For sending 3Gbps signals over the same distances as HD-SDI, Snell has developed a series of modules that can compress the 3Gbps signals and send them over standard HD-SDI copper infrastructure.

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Company Overview:

Snell is a leading innovator in digital media technology, providing broadcasters and global media companies with a comprehensive range of solutions to create, manage, and streamline the distribution of content for today's multi-screen world. Specializing in TV Everywhere, Broadcast Infrastructure, and Live Production applications, Snell provides the necessary tools to transition seamlessly and cost-effectively to HDTV, stereoscopic 3D, and 3Gbps operations, while enabling broadcasters to monetize and deliver their media assets across multiple distribution platforms. Headquartered in the U.K., Snell serves more than 2,000 broadcasters, post facilities, and global media companies in more than 100 countries through its worldwide team of sales and support personnel. More information is available at

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Company Quote:

"Broadcasters have a growing need for affordable solutions that don't compromise on reliability. At this year's CCW, we'll show our latest innovations for production and playout. These new products are scalable to fit any budget while delivering the same quality broadcasters expect from Snell," said Jonathan Goldstein, President of the Americas for Snell.