Blonder Tongue SCTE CABLE-TEC EXPO 2014 EXHIBITOR PREVIEW -- Booth 1714

At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014, Blonder Tongue, a leading manufacturer of SD and HD digital video solutions, will provide live demonstrations of its next-generation MPEG-2 encoders, TV signal analyzer, and MPEG transport stream analyzer, all designed to optimize cable television distribution.

New Products and Technology Demonstrations

HDE-4S-PRO Encoder For Sporting Events

A key highlight at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo will be Blonder Tongue's HDE-4S-PRO designed to support multiple camera-angle feeds and fast-motion video. An extension of the company's standard HDE-4S-QAM encoder, the HDE-4S-PRO brings efficiency, quality, and affordability to professional sports encoding applications.

In addition to the enhanced motion estimation for HD-SDI inputs, the HDE-4S-PRO includes HD-SDI spare and monitoring points so that operators can switch to a backup feed in emergency situations, optimizing encoding in real-time environments. Utilizing the MPEG-2 encoder, operators can encode up to four HD-SDI programs, plus one spare, and simultaneously output in QAM, IP streams (1000Base-T Ethernet), and ASI formats. By allowing operators to support up to four programs per QAM channel, the HDE-4S-PRO dramatically improves transport efficiency while reducing power and rack space in headends, lowering an operator's capital and operational expenses.

SDE-6S-ASI and HDE-2S-IP Multichannel Encoders

Blonder Tongue will also show its new SDE-6S-ASI and HDE-2S-IP multichannel encoders, which provide cable operators with a highly flexible and dense encoding platform that includes advanced digital program insertion (DPI) capabilities. Using the encoders, operators can accept multiple HD/SD programs from HD-SDI/SD-SDI or NTSC inputs. MPEG-2 encoded outputs are multiplexed into one multiprogram transport stream (MPTS), which is available in the following formats simultaneously: 1xIP (100/1000 BaseT) and 2xASI.

Triggers are sent into the SDE-6S-ASI and HDE-2S-IP encoders, which produce frame-accurate DPI messages according to SCTE-35, allowing the downstream splicer to insert advertisements into the program stream. The SCTE-35 compliant queuing ad-insertion messages are detected for each program from either the multiple audio cue tone inputs or an insertion contact closure, which can be selected by the operator.

Test & Measurement Analyzers From Blonder Tongue

-BTPRO-7000S HD Tablet-Based Signal Analyzer

At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014, Blonder Tongue will showcase its new HD tablet-based TV signal analyzer that enables operators to analyze and log HD/SD QPSK/8PSK satellite, 8VSB, QAM, and analog television or radio signals. Based on their unique design and a compact, lightweight form factor, the analyzers can be used anywhere in the world to ensure a superior quality of service for viewers.

Using the BTPRO-7000S, operators can gain a better understanding of what is going on inside of their analog and/or digital TV or radio transmission to provide a superior quality of service (QoS), The BTPRO-7000S covers a broad frequency range of 4 to 2250 MHz, making it suitable for multiple applications. Using the signal analyzer, operators can perform a variety of CATV measurements, such as DOCSIS downstream, ingress mode, leakage mode, bar scan, and tilt.

-MTSA-PRO MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer

Blonder Tongue will also showcase a test bench demonstration of its MTSA-PRO MPEG transport stream analyzer, designed to help operators deliver the highest possible quality of service by detecting possible issues in the digital transmission. Utilizing the compact device, users can measure QAM, IP, and ASI signals, as well as play out saved transport stream files, to troubleshoot problems from outside sources.

The MTSA-PRO outputs prerecorded video streams or internal test patterns in various video formats, including MPEG-2 and H.264, helping operators verify compliance of external devices and systems. By enabling real-time analysis, monitoring, and decoding of transport streams, the software-based solution helps reduce transport stream issues and ensure superior video quality. The MTSA-PRO can also serve as a PSI/PSIP generator.

Company Overview:

Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE MKT:BDR) together with R. L. Drake Holdings, LLC -- its wholly owned subsidiary -- offer customers more than 130 years of combined engineering and manufacturing excellence with solid histories of delivering reliable, quality products. As a leader in the field of cable television communications, the Company provides system operators and integrators serving the cable, broadcast, satellite, IPTV, institutional, and professional video markets with comprehensive solutions for the provision of content contribution, distribution, and video delivery to homes and businesses. The Company designs, manufactures, sells, and supports an equipment portfolio of standard- and high-definition digital video solutions, as well as core analog video and high-speed data solutions for distribution over coax, fiber, and IP networks. Additional information on the Company and its products can be found at and


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