Verizon Digital Media Services at IBC2017

Verizon Digital Media Services will feature its award-winning Smartplay by Verizon technology, a first-of-its-kind, one-to-one session-management system that enables content owners to realize greater insights and create more effective monetization strategies for their content. The company will also highlight the Volicon Media Intelligence service, which records and stores broadcast content across multiple interfaces and has been updated to include the proprietary Slicer application from Verizon Digital Media Services, further simplifying creation, delivery and monitoring of OTT content.

Smartplay by Verizon 

Launched in spring 2017, the award-winning Smartplay by Verizon technology from Verizon Digital Media Services allows content owners to have a direct, one-to-one relationship with every viewer and, in turn, grow smarter about delivering personalized viewing experiences.

At IBC2017, Verizon Digital Media Services will highlight how this technology offers its customers smarter delivery, insights, advertising, programming, discovery and protection by generating dynamic manifests for each and every user. Eliminating the complex systems and poor visibility associated with reliance on loosely stitched together supply chain providers, Smartplay by Verizon also eliminates additional costs and delays in preparing content for different platforms and monetization strategies. As a result, this service makes it easier and more economical than ever for content providers to launch and operate successful OTT services while still maintaining exceptional quality of service. 

Volicon Media Intelligence Service

The Volicon Media Intelligence service enables broadcasters to use industry-leading video capture, archive, compliance monitoring and automated clip-creation technology to bring high-quality content to viewers quickly via OTT-based delivery. 

At IBC2017, Verizon Digital Media Services will demonstrate how this service unites digital media transformation workflows from the worlds of traditional broadcasting and OTT delivery, in turn reducing the cost and complexity of multiplatform delivery.

Deployed at more than a thousand broadcast locations worldwide, the Volicon Media Intelligence service records broadcast content across interfaces -- including SDI, transport stream and analog -- for purposes of monitoring, compliance and review. Integration of the service with the Slicer application, part of the Uplynk Video Streaming service, puts industry-leading compliance, monitoring and OTT delivery in a single footprint within a broadcaster's facility. Activated as quickly and easily as flipping a switch, the Slicer application gives broadcasters the ability to ingest video, encode it into multiple bit-rate profiles, encrypt it, and distribute it via OTT or video-on-demand services, as well as through web and social media sharing platforms.


Sept. 14-18, Amsterdam

Verizon Digital Media Services

Stand 7.C11

Company Overview:

Verizon Digital Media Services offers an industry-leading, end-to-end digital media platform to prepare, deliver, display and monetize online content. The platform is built on the world's largest, most connected network, and has over 100 points of presence on five continents, ensuring high-quality viewing of digital content on any device, anytime, anywhere. The company provides the foundational components in websites, apps and OTT video services for many of the world's largest publishers, media companies and enterprises. Learn more about how Verizon Digital Media Services continues to change the way the world watches at

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