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Thomson Video Networks

Stand 14.A10

September 11-15

Thomson VN Company Overview

A global leader in advanced video compression solutions, Thomson Video Networks empowers media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to deliver superior video quality at the highest density and lowest bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through its innovative Behind Every Screen(R) approach, Thomson Video Networks combines both on-premises and cloud-based resources to create an all-encompassing video infrastructure for its advanced ingest/playout, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding, and packaging technologies. Media enterprises now have every key capability they need to raise video quality and reduce cost of ownership not just for broadcast, but also for multi-screen services on every device and platform. Behind Every Screen you'll find Thomson Video Networks. Visit 

Simplified and Efficient Compression Behind Every Screen(R): 

Thomson Video Networks at IBC2015

Thomson Video Networks will showcase new software releases that boost compression efficiency for its industry-leading ViBE(R) family of SD/HD encoding solutions as well as a new software release of MediaFlexSUITE, the company's unified, resilient, and flexible system that simplifies management of broadcast and multi-screen content delivery services. In addition, the company will feature new capabilities for its DVB-T2 multiplexing, IRD, and 4K compression solutions, as well as new solutions for channel origination and LTE eMBMS multi-cast distribution. These are the latest innovations in Thomson Video Networks' Behind Every Screen(R) approach, designed to enable media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to maintain their high standards of video quality and to evolve seamlessly, cost-effectively, and profitably as new live video delivery paradigms emerge.

Simplifying Operation and Service Management Across Multiple Delivery Platforms 

At IBC2015, Thomson Video Networks will unveil the second release of its MediaFlexSUITE, designed to greatly simplify services management for customers operating across multiple delivery platforms. Combined with MediaFlexOS, the suite can provision branding and compression resources based on priorities for deployment speed, video quality requirements, bandwidth optimization, and content customization. MediaFlexSUITE provides a unified view of the entire operation to streamline tasks such as migrating services between compression resources, deploying new services rapidly in a data center, dynamically updating the channel lineup, or extending file transcoding capabilities with external cloud resources.

Boosting Video Compression Performance 

At IBC2015, Thomson Video Networks will showcase new software releases for its ViBE(R) EM4000, ViBE VS7000, and ViBE XT1000 HD/SD encoding solutions that significantly enhance compression efficiency across all current and emerging standards, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and HEVC. The new software releases are enabled by the MediaFlexSUITE, the company's unified, resilient, and flexible services management system for broadcast and multi-screen content delivery. The software features new algorithms implemented in the core compression engine used by Thomson Video Networks products, designed to improve compression performance by 10 percent for HEVC and MPEG-4 AVC encoding and by 5 percent for MPEG-2 encoding. 

Paving the Way to Live, File, and Contribution in 4K 

At IBC2015, Thomson Video Networks will demonstrate encoding of an Ultra HD high dynamic range (HDR) TV signal in HEVC designed for distributing live HDR content based on the company's new ViBE(R) 4K real-time encoding solution. The complete solution takes a UHD HDR signal from a SMPTE 2084-compliant broadcast feed and processes it in order to provide a standard UHD HEVC Main10 compressed stream with specific HDR information. In a single stream, broadcasters can address both HDR decoders and non-HDR-compliant deployments with minimal overhead for the HDR information carried in the signal. 

New Efficiencies for DVB-T2 Headend Operations

At IBC2015, Thomson Video Networks will unveil an all-new SingleFeed capability for both the NetProcessor 9030/40 multiplexing and transport system and the RD1100 receiver/descrambler. SingleFeed is designed to simultaneously feed DTH receivers and DVB-T2 transmitters with a single multiplex, resulting in significant OPEX savings for DTTV headend operators. In addition, the new release of the ViBE(R) EM4000 encoder features Flextream 2.0 statistical multiplexing. With Flextream 2.0, the EM4000 will enable operators to include nonvideo components in a statistical multiplexing pool to optimize bandwidth usage. Initially, nonvideo components will include DVB-subtitling and audio description. Also, the company's award-winning ViBE VS7000 now includes expanded support for high-efficiency video coding (HEVC), including interlaced support and statistical multiplexing. 

Streamlining Channel Origination and Manipulation 

Making its IBC debut, Thomson Video Networks' new FUZE-1 Playout System is a unique, versatile, and cost-effective solution that takes the channel-in-a-box concept to the next level. Focusing on channel origination and manipulation, FUZE-1 offers a rich set of features for playout applications such as linear TV channel playout, ad insertion, branding, mosaic channel playout, time-shifting, disaster recovery, censorship, and EAS insertion. Based on the Thomson Video Networks MediaFlexOS video operating system, FUZE-1 features a best-of-breed 1-RU IT server that combines advanced graphics, sophisticated built-in automation, and an integrated asset manager with premium software transcoding capabilities. 

Enabling End-to-End Efficiencies for LTE eMBMS Multicast Distribution 

Thomson Video Networks will announce a partnership with Expway, a world leader in delivery of live content and multimedia files in multi-cast mode over wireless networks, to combine the compression performance of live HEVC video with the efficiency of LTE multi-cast distribution technology. Thomson Video Networks and Expway have worked together to integrate an end-to-end chain of live HEVC video transmission over the LTE eMBMS network for faster and more straightforward deployments. At IBC2015, the two companies will showcase a full distribution chain that consists of live encoding by the ViBE(R) VS7000 HD/SD encoder, Expway BM-SC encapsulation, service provisioning, and eMBMS middleware devices. 

Expanding Decoding Flexibility for Any Compression Format

Thomson Video Networks will launch its new MD Series of modular, high-density integrated receiver/decoders (IRDs) and descramblers designed to help operators launch new turnaround services rapidly and cost-effectively. The series consists of the MD9000, a modular 2-RU platform that accommodates up to 10 hot-pluggable modules including the MD1100 receiver descrambler, MD4000 distribution receiver decoder, and MD6000 contribution receiver decoder. In addition, Thomson Video Networks will announce support for HEVC/H.265 decoding in its RD4000 and RD6000 IRDs. Besides providing broadcast-quality decoding for SD/HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC, these industry-leading IRD solutions now offer greater operational flexibility with the capability to decode all video formats, whatever the application (turnaround, monitoring, or local re-encoding).

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