Webinar to Explore Media Supply Chain Workflows to Optimize Ad Delivery

“The Value of Video: Using Today’s Media Supply Chain to Optimize Ad Delivery” webinar will take place on May 16 at 2 p.m. ET. Registerhere.

LEAWOOD, Kan.—Television broadcasters may only be in the earliest stages of making addressable advertising and interactivity a reality, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take steps today to transform their media supply chain workflows to optimize ad delivery and thereby compete more successfully with digital platforms and social media, says Ronnie Bell, VP, Global Product Management, at Imagine Communications.

Ronnie Bell

Ronnie Bell

“Many broadcasters are poorly equipped to benefit fully from new ad revenue opportunities,” says Bell. “Fortunately, however, there are new technologies that can transform media supply chain workflows so that traffic and sales departments can respond on a dime to meet the demands of today’s linear and digital advertisers.”

Bell will examine how automation technology can help to alleviate workflow challenges, ad optimization can address ad inventory imbalances created by changes in supply and demand, and integration of asset management and playout automation can empower the business office and simplify master control workflows.

“Balancing advertiser requirements and business rules against the most efficient use of airtime can be a tricky business, and automation holds the key to addressing this potential quagmire,” says Bell.

Bell, who will present these and other insights Thursday, May 16, at 2 p.m. ET during a live TVTechnology webinar sponsored by Imagine Communications, also has identified standardization as a critical component of optimizing media supply chain workflows.

“Standardization enables the buy and sell sides of the ad market to align,” he explains. “That’s the case regardless of whether we’re talking about data, orders or copy instructions.”

By standardizing the data format, it is possible to achieve seamless integrations with any party transmitting data using the standard, he says.

The free webinar will give attendees the opportunity to direct what Bell discusses during the event by providing answers to instant-polling questions and participating in a lively Q&A. Full disclosure, I will be moderating the webinar.

Register online today by visiting the online registration landing page.

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