ViewCast Simplifies HD Workflow

ViewCast plans to unveil its Niagara 7500, an HD streaming box designed to simplify the complex workflows associated with delivering HD video to IP and mobile networks.

In an effort to simplify working parameters as much as possible, ViewCast said one feature of the new box is the ability to switch "on the fly" from a single video source between SD and HD signals. In the case of working with an HD program that includes SD commercial inserts, the firm said, the production environment can be easily switched without losing sync, and without crashing the system.

The dual-quad-core streaming appliance features SD and HD SDI inputs, balanced and unbalanced analog and AES/EBU digital audio, and eight stereo pairs of embedded SDI audio inputs. It's designed to stream in multiple bit-rates and resolutions simultaneously in Microsoft VC-1, Silverlight, and H.264 Flash Live.