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Telestream - Vantage

Vantage enterprise-class video workflow design, automation, and management software is built on a modular, future-proof video workflow platform that includes capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata processing, delivery, and notification. Vantage supports transcoding to over 120 file formats and wrapper and integrates directly with today’s major video systems.

Vantage can be used to automate hundreds of common video workflows, out of the box and scales up to automate thousands of workflows in an enterprise server environment. Vantage Analysis allows users to create smart transcoding workflows that react to content properties and quality checks. It also allows the creation of self-healing workflows that find and correct video errors. Vantage Workflow Portal enables fast, easy creation and deployment of operator user interfaces for browsing video, entering metadata, and forwarding media. The SDK simplifies Vantage integration into existing software systems using a web services interface. New features for NAB2011 include integration with Agility plus new transcoding and workflow management capabilities.