Tedial Puts Spotlight on MAM Tech at IBC 2017

AMSTERDAM—MAM technology system provider Tedial will use the IBC 2017 stage to showcase a range of its products, including its new Evolution Live Event Archive system.

Among the MAM tools that Tedial will display during IBC is the Evolution Version Factory. Part of the display will feature a demonstration of end-to-end Interoperable Master Format workflow that applies SMPTE standards to provide a SaaS cloud system for distribution applications. The Tedial architecture can also support UHD and HDR, provides adopters with multi-versioning support and can address late pending components for previous watermarked versions.

The Evolution Dashboard tools that will be on hand enable real-time monitoring of key performance indicators and reporting tools to measure business efficiency and capacity.

The company will also have its new level of Hierarchical Storage Management with Augmented Storage (AST). AST provides a storage system for cloud workflows and hybrid scenarios. AST can transparently manage the same content in multiple locations, automating task assignment and data transfers as needed.

Tedial’s support for cloud and cloud hybrid operations now features multi-resolution MPEG-DASH for full web GUI and integrates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Central. Content is processed and moved independent of storage locale, enabling minimal transfers in local high-res operations.

In addition, Dan McConnell, managing director of Timeline Television, will be giving a presentation during the show that will discuss Tedial and EVS’ new technology partnership and the Evolution Live Event Archive. The presentation will take place Sept. 16 at 10 a.m. at Tedial’s booth, 8.B41.