TC Electronic Announces aNorm License for Loudness Pilot at IBC

AMSTERDAM—After introducing the aNorm loudness processor for its DB6 Broadcast Audio Processor at IBC 2014, TC Electronic has introduced an aNorm optional license for Loudness Pilot, the stereo version of DB6, at IBC 2015.

aNorm with Loudness Pilot

The aNorm system keeps dynamics processing at a minimum by normalizing the signal intelligently. The system only applies dynamic processing if normalization is not enough to hit the Loudness and LRA targets. Also, aNorm is able to adapt what tools it uses in dynamic processing so not to squash the audio.

Included with the aNorm is the Butterfly Meter, which displays pre and post loudness normalization and is an integrated part of the aNorm algorithm. The graph provides an overview of how and why incoming audio is adjusted.

The aNorm license for Loudness Pilot will be available starting in October for $650.