Riedel Will Highlight the RSP-2318 SmartPanel at NAB Show New York

NEW YORK–Riedel Communications, will feature its latest products at NAB New York including the SmartPanel multifunctional user interface and complementary Expansion SmartPanel. The company will also highlight the MediorNet MicroN, which can be adapted to a number of production duties enabling signal transport, processing, and routing.

The RSP-2318 SmartPanel with Control App was designed to function as a user interface. It offers three high-resolution, sunlight-readable, multitouch color displays. The control app can consolidate two panels into one to provide full intercom and control functionality.

The ESP-2324 Expansion SmartPanel connects directly to the RSP-2318 SmartPanel so users can get an additional 24 keys and four high-resolution multitouch color displays.

A demo will be shown on how Riedel’s new MediorNet MicroN units can be deployed to create a decentralized routing system that distributes signal load, takes advantage of flexible node placement, and eliminates any single point of failure to create an alternative to traditional, monolithic routers, the company said.

Riedel Communications will be located in booth 941.