Nucomm to Unveil 7 Series Products

(click thumbnail)Channel Master TX7 Portable Transmitter for Nucomm 7 SeriesNucomm, a Vitec company, is unveiling its new 7 Series HD ready product at NAB. The company’s entire ENG/OB product line is HD-compatible using built in encoding/decoding technology. All 7 Series products can be delivered with HD capability or delivered as SD systems that can easily be field upgraded to HD via a software key.

Until now, Nucomm’s HD product line consisted of the CamPac 2 HD/SD wireless camera transmitter and Newscaster DR HD/SD diversity receiver The 7 Series displaces the SD product line as Nucomm’s standard product, which will still include multiple modulation modes (VSB,COFDM,DVB-S,FM) plus dual or tri-band RF outputs.

Products comprising the 7 Series include Channel Master TX7 Portable Transmitter, the Channel Master RX7 Portable Receiver, the Newscaster VT7 ENG/OB Van Transmitter and the Newscaster CR7 Central Receiver.

Nucomm will also showcase its Messenger IP Encapsulator/Decapsulator, which enables broadband IP connectivity between an ENG truck or OB Van and the broadcast studio. The Nucomm Messenger can be used in trickle or broadband mode. In trickle mode, live video and IP traffic are sent simultaneously. In broadband mode, nearly the entire link is dedicated to IP traffic.

A complete Nucomm Messenger system consists of a 1 RU Encapsulator and a 1 RU Decapsulator. IP data from the newsgathering vehicle to the studio flows through the existing ENG/OB infrastructure. The outbound IP traffic enters the Messenger IP Encapsulator. The IP traffic is encapsulated into the MPEG stream from the MPEG encoder in the ENG transmitter. The resulting ASI stream, containing the IP data and video data, returns to the ENG microwave transmitter, where it is transmitted back to the studio.