Network Electronics to Debut Compression, Fiber Transport Gear

(click thumbnail)Network Electronics VS551-D-ADCAt NAB, Network Electronics will launch several new products covering a range of compression, distribution and fiber-transport applications, as well as new products from its recent acquisition of Video Products Group.

New modules in VPG’s Ventura range of advanced compression, transmission and transport solutions for HD signals will be shown. The new modules include a JPEG2000 encoder and decoder, an 8-channel SONET/SDH multiplexer and demultiplexer, and a universal analog and digital video/audio adapter for fiber-optic transport.

The new VS901-TE-27 encoder and VS901-TD-27 decoder will provide high-quality JPEG2000 compression of HD-SDI signals, qualifying them for transport over widely deployed 270 Mbps networks. The modules also enable HD to be stored on SDI servers and tape decks and map HD into SONET/SDH and IP networks.

The new 8-channel SONET/SDH VS811-SM-48 multiplexer and VS811-SD-48 demultiplexer is a single card solution for multichannel transport of 270 Mbps signals and HD signals (with JPEG2000 encoding). The module facilitates long distance transport of multiple SDI, ASI, SDTI signals. It provides network path diversity through optional dual SFP lasers at the transmit end, and dual SFP receivers with automatic switch-over at the receive end.

The new single card VS551-D-ADC (analog-digital converter and audio embedder) and VS551-D-DAC (digital-analog converter and audio de-embedder) can adapt to any professional analog or digital video format. A key feature is multiprotocol video interface to fiber networks for NTSC/4X audio (TV-1), SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, and ATSC.

Network Electronics will also present its FRS-HD-DMUX high-quality frame synchronizer, DWC-HD-DMUX HD downconverter with optical input and audio decoding, and MR-TR-3G multirate transponder and converter at NAB.