Ncam to Launch PTZ Camera Tracking System at IBC 2015

Ncam PTZ camera tracking system

LONDON – Ncam will use IBC 2015 as the launching pad for its new entry-level camera tracking product. This PTZ system is designed for broadcasters who want to use virtual graphics and augmented reality but only need pan, tilt and zoom functionality.

The new PTZ product provides similar functionality as Ncam’s Live 7D, which uses a lightweight sensor bar attached to the camera to track natural markers in the environment. The difference is the PTZ product only works on fixed position cameras. It works on any camera, tripod or pedestal and it can also use encoded lenses to add focus and zoom to the Ncam data stream. This new Ncam camera tracking system also is able to detect movements of the camera itself, not just the camera head.

Ncam will have its PTZ product on display, along with other broadcast and film products, at booth 11.E55 during IBC 2015, which runs from Sept. 11-15 in Amsterdam.