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NAB Show Product Review: Furniture

FORECAST CONSOLES introduced the ImageMaster GCX-S Sit to Stand Workstation Edit Console now with electric height adjustable functionality. The company also introduced new features and accessories for MasterVision R2 including quick release mounting platforms for equipment and PCs and further refining and optimizing cable and power management, as well as Catalyst Continuum, a new line of Catalyst benching workstations that incorporate many of the improvements from the company’s GCX line, including removable and interchangeable turrets, quick access cable chassis, and now the ability to raise and lower individual section with the touch of a button.

TBC Consoles SmartTrac

TBC CONSOLES debuted TracWall v2, a custom monitor wall solution built with options for rack or CPU storage and height-adjustability. TracWall can support an unlimited number of monitors ranging from 24 inches to 90 inches with an adjustable range of 26 inches. The company also showcased a Double-Sided version of its IntelliTrac, featuring a back-to-back console configured for four operators and large screen displays. Also new is SmartTrac v2.1 with new accessories and finish options and ControlTrac LT, a lower price option to IntelliTrac.