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NAB Show Product Preview: Signal Processing

The industry is quickly moving to IP connectivity, virtualization, higher and higher definition imagery, and other enhancements. No matter how signals flow within a plant or whether equipment exists in hardware or software, there will always be a need for adjusting levels, manipulating colorimetry, changing video formats and other signal manipulations. Equipment designers are heeding the call in the area of signal processing and you’ll see their latest efforts at the 2017 NAB Show.

will debut v3.1 software for DASDEC, now with support for MEPG-DAS, enhanced security and logging functionality and more. DAS will also showcase its CMPro (custom message pro) for DASDEC which allows users to create hyperlocal messages with very specific information and instructions.

GORMAN REDLICH MANUFACTURING will spotlight their line of character generator-equipped EAS equipment and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) gear.

will debut Caption Central Multi, which transcribes multiple speaker voices, with spell & context checking, with output to the encoder within 2 seconds.

DIGITAL NIRVANA will highlight their new cloud-based closed-caption generator that provides captioning for video content through automated processes via the cloud. The company will also feature their cloudbased caption synchronization system that provides near-live syncing of live broadcast captions with a full suite of options for clipping, data transfer, caption formats and more.

EEG will introduce iCap Alta for broadcasters captioning/subtitling in IP video environments. Also new is iCap Falcon, which allows users to connect their live stream to live certified captioners around the world over the iCap network with EEG’s cloud-hosted Falcon service.

ENCO SYSTEMS will showcase its en-Caption3 R4, which supports up to eight separate inputs to isolate and identify audio specific to individual speakers, providing better speech-to-text accuracy and helping viewers identify who is speaking.

LINK ELECTRONICS will feature their AIP-494 SDI encoder that provides audio and captioning via IP. The device accommodates 3G Level B HD or standard definition SDI and provides low latency and low bandwidth streaming without the need for special internet services.

Matrox Monarch HDX

MATROX will demonstrate closed captioning and streaming support for its Monarch HDX dual-channel H.264 streaming and recording appliance.

VOICEINTERACTION will showcase Audimus Media, which generates closed captions automatically and in real-time for live TV shows and live streaming channels.

will highlight its Zencoder video encoding API, which provides seamless integration of users’ applications with a fast and scalable encoding platform.

Cinegy Cinescore user interface

CINEGY will debut its Cinescore app for benchmarking video encoding performance. The app was specifically designed for broadcasters and uses a combination of professional quality codecs to measure encoding speed of a system and provide an easily interpreted score.

DVEO will display their Satria DSNG contribution encoder that offers high-bitrate 1080p 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 MPEG-2/H.264 performance with a 150ms latency. Also look for the ARQ Link error correction-enabled STL that combines encoding, decoding and IP networking with DVEO’s Dozer ARQ automated packet recovery.

MATROX will demo their DSX line of developmental products, which include high-density H.264 encoding cards with Windows and Linux SDKs, as well as tools for app development.

OSPREY VIDEO will showcase the Talon G1H three-channel streaming contribution encoder, and the all-new Talon G2, designed for narrowcasting. Both models feature SDI input connectivity, touchscreen displays, integration with the Wowza Streaming Cloud service, YouTube and the Zixi Platform.

ROHDE & SCHWARZ will feature its AVHE 100 fully-integrated HD/UHD encoding and multiplexing system for both satellite and terrestrial television.

VITEC will highlight its MGW Vision 4K HEVC real-time hardware-based point-to-point, broadcast and IPTV encoder as well as its MGW Ace encoder and decoder hardware-based HEVC 4:2:2 streaming solution.

will spotlight its XC5X00 universal modular hardware video processing platform, designed to easily adapt to future requirements. Booth visitors should also check out the company’s Adaptive Bit-rate (ABR) packager, which combines a video segmentation engine, storage, packager, DRM engine and origin server.

CRYSTAL VISION will feature their Vision card frame system that accommodates the company’s range of up/down converters, and other video and audio essentials such as d.a.s, embedders/de-embedders and synchronizers. Booth visitors considering a move to an IP infrastructure will want to check out Crystal’s SDI6-IP-VF, IP-SDI6-VF and IP-IP-VF IP gateways that feature SMPTE 2022-6 and 2022-7 protocols, and are software reconfigurable.

DVEO will spotlight the T-Mux ASI/8, which accommodates from two to eight MPEG-2 or H.264 streams and automatically regenerates PSI and SI tables, and also inserts electronic program guides, removes null packets and more.

Evertz’s 3606 FR Ultra High Density Media Transport/Routing platform

EVERTZ will showcase its 3606FR Ultra High Density Media transport/routing platform that supports a number of media interfaces including 12G/3G/HD-SDI, AES/MADI audio, and provides 10G/40G/100GE IP connectivity. The 570ITXE On Ramp Gateway module allows users to normalize incoming uncompressed or compressed signals into multiple in-house formats and is ideal for both hybrid and completely IPbased facilities. There’s also the evEGDE platform that offers signal processing, computation and routing and provides a firm foundation for facilities transitioning to IP.

FOR-A will showcase the FA-9600 UHD/HD/SD multipurpose signal processor which supports 4K, 12G-SDI, HDR and wide color gamut, and performs up/down/cross conversion and audio processing, all in a 1RU package. Also look for the company’s MCC-4K frame rate converter for converting 4K resolution and up/down/cross conversion between 4K and HD content.

Harmonic ProStream X

HARMONIC will spotlight its new ProStream X high-performance software-based stream processor, which features a variety of IP video gateway and processing capabilities. It integrates with systems from all major CAS vendors, and supports 128-bit DVB CAS3 encryption and 10-bit processing. Two versions are available: the ProStream XVM for virtualized environments and the ProStream X, which is provided as an Intel appliance that’s pre-integrated with ProStream software.

LAWO has updated its V_pro8 8 channel video processor, including an updated A/V sync tool, which, in addition to the native V__line sync pattern and the EBU pattern, can now also read the Vistek VALID8 format. In addition, the integrated quad-split multiviewer now also features multicolored Tally lamps, which are switchable via Ember+, allowing users to integrate the MV tally in the overall tally system of their installation.

Rohde & Schwarz Prios video processor

ROHDE & SCHWARZ will debut the first member in its line of Prios video processor boards designed for OEM. The Prios SDI features SDI interfaces, as well as support for 10G Ethernet for video-over-IP applications.

will debut its IPR-1G-HDMI miniconverter, which converts JPEG 2000 IP video and audio streams to HDMI. IPR-1G-HDMI converts VSF TR-01 and other JPEG2000 over MPEG2-TS formats for output on a full-size HDMI 1.4 interface.

COBALT DIGITAL will spotlight its new 9904-UDX-12G/UHD openGear up/down/cross converter. It converts 3G/HD/SDSDI signals to UHD 3840x2160 with either quad 3G-SDI-based square division or two-sample interleave formats or optional ST 2082 12G-SDI.

DTV INNOVATIONS will display its CXQ-1 transport stream converter that accepts up to four ASI transport streams and converts them to TSoIP. The company is also featuring its CXQ-4 transport stream converter that accommodates as many as 16 ASI to TSoIP conversions.

IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS will showcase its software-defined Selenio One XO next-generation high-density ABR transcoder for OTT and multiscreen applications, designed to help content and service providers launch more high-quality video channels and manage compressed services via a single solution.

PRONOLOGY will feature its mRes product designed to instantaneously allow users access to multiple formats, codecs, wrappers and resolutions without loss of quality.

will debut a nine-input multiviewer card for the openGear platform. In addition, a seven-input companion upgrade card is available to expand the nine-input OG-Mi-9# model into a 16X2 (16 input, 2 output) multiviewer.

COBALT DIGITAL will show the 9971-MV-4K-SH UHD hybrid HDMI 2.0 and 12G-SDI multiviewer, featuring a 3840x2160 output and ideal for displaying multiple video streams on consumer-grade 4K displays.

IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS will demonstrate its software-based, UHD-ready Epic multiviewer based on the company’s Zenium platform. It’s scalable to thousands of displays, and is designed to provide broadcasters with a seamless path to an IP-based facility.

MEDIAPROXY will showcase its software-based LogServer, which, in addition to capture, monitoring and analysis of video, offers multiviewing functionality.

OSPREY VIDEO will launch a new SDI multiviewer, featuring four 3G-SDI inputs, two 3G-SDI outputs, along with an HDMI output. The device performs up and downscaling, as well as frame-rate conversion, deinterlacing and color space conversion.

SNELL ADVANCED MEDIA (SAM) will feature its MV-8 series of next-generation multiviewer products for UHD, standalone and router-integrated applications. Of special interest is the IP MV-805, designed for IP applications.

TELESTREAM will show its Vantage Platform that allows users to ingest, edit, transcode, caption, QC, package, monetize and distribute media. It supports UHD, HDR and IMF.