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NAB Show Product Preview: Acquisition


The NAB Show exhibit halls will see 4K and a few 8K cameras, as well as an array of specialty cameras.

ARRI will showcase its ALEXA LF 4K camera. Rather than miniaturizing pixels to deliver full 4K resolution from a Super 35 sensor, ARRI has chosen to put its proven “optimal” size pixels on a larger than Super 35 sensor.

BLACKMAGIC DESIGN will demonstrate its URSA Broadcast camera, designed for both studio programming and live production. URSA Broadcast works with existing B4 broadcast HD lenses, supports both HD and Ultra HD production. It features a 4K sensor, extended video dynamic range, traditional external controls and buttons, built-in optical ND filters, dual CFast and dual SD card recorder.

Grass Valley LDX 86N

Grass Valley LDX 86N

GRASS VALLEY will demonstrate its line of multiformat (HD/3G/4K UHD) and multispeed (1X/3X/6X) cameras that offer outstanding image performance, excellent light sensitivity, and the ability to use standard HD lenses. The newest camera, the LDX 86N Series, delivers native HD, 3G and 4K UHD images for the highest possible resolution and image clarity as well as full support for HDR with up to 15 f-stops.

HITACHI KOKUSAI will showcase a firmware update for its SKUHD4000 Ultra HD Camera, allowing separate video shading adjustments for HDR/SDR outputs. The company will also unveil its CU-HD1300FT-S2 HDTV Camera Control Units with UHD/4K 12Gbps outputs.

IKEGAMI will show the UHK-435, a 2/3-inch 3-CMOS sensor, 4K/HD full studio camera and an updated, more compact and lightweight SHK-810 8K UHDTV camera developed in collaboration with NHK.

JVCKENWOOD will show its 800 Series camera connected directly to JVC’s ProHD Dockable Bridge, a wireless bonded IP uplink.

LUMENS INTEGRATION will introduce its VC-A50PN Full HD PTZ IP camera with support for NewTek NDI, allowing it to provide video, audio, PTZ control, tally and power over a single Ethernet cable.

MARSHALL ELECTRONICS will present its Marshall CV502-U3, a USB-powered, HD POV camera with an ultra-wide 126°-angle field-of-view lens, offering simple plug-and-play connectivity.

Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K handheld cinema camera

Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K handheld cinema camera

PANASONIC will introduce its AKUC4000 4K/HD high-speed studio camera, designed for live sports production and high-end event broadcast with high-speed 240fps. Also on display will be Panasonic’s entire NDI PTZ camera line-up: AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70 and AW-HN130 as well as the AU-EVA1 5.7K handheld cinema camera.

RUSHWORKS will premier its 3n1 Multi-Function Video Camera, an HD-SDI PTZ with 20x or 30x lens and the ability to auto-track single targets.

SONY will show its CineAlta VENICE motion picture camera, capable of 6K resolution (6048x4032) in Full Frame mode. It features an industry first—a user-interchangeable sensor that requires removal of just six screws, enabling future upgrades and production flexibility. Sony will also showcase its FDR-AX700, NXCAM HXR-NX80 and XDCAM PXW-Z90 4K HDR Palm Cameras.


ARRI, as part of its complete large-format acquisition system, will showcase its Signature Prime large format lenses. The lenses are purpose built to cover the larger-than-Super 35 sensor the camera utilizes.

Canon’s CJ45ex13.6B 4K UHD portable lens

Canon’s CJ45ex13.6B 4K UHD portable lens

CANON will showcase its CJ45ex9.7B and CJ45ex13.6B lenses, designed for use with broadcast cameras and featuring 2/3-inch sensors. The CJ45ex9.7B provides a high zoom ratio, while the CJ45ex13.6B provides the same zoom ratio and a long focal length.

COOKE OPTICS will feature its new S7/i Full Frame Plus lenses, the first purpose-built full frame lens set on the market, designed specifically to cover the emergent full frame cinema camera sensors up to the full sensor area (46.31mm image circle) of the RED Weapon 8K.

Fujinon UA24x7.8 lense with 24x zoom

Fujinon UA24x7.8 lense with 24x zoom

FUJIFILM will present its Fujinon UA24x7.8 lense, sporting a 24x zoom. At 8.6" (220.5mm) length and 4.4 pounds (1.98kg), it’s the smallest, lightest broadcast lens supporting 4K, according the company. Lenses zoom range is 7.8mm–187mm.

SIGMA CORP. OF AMERICA will showcase its Sigma 14mm T2 FF Cine Prime lens, which provides a fast T2 at this ultra-wide angle focal length for full frame sensors. The lens offers cinematographers the opportunity for robust cinematic expression.


In addition to cameras and lenses, shooters ranging from news photographer to motion picture cameramen need camera support equipment to add usability and utility.


Autoscript IP prompting system

Autoscript IP prompting system

AUTOSCRIPT will highlight its all-new Intelligent Prompting family, together with new controllers and additional monitors. The system includes the EPIC-IP17 teleprompter displaying scripts sent over IP from WinPlus-IP prompting software.

CUESCRIPT will present its complete IP-based teleprompting system, future-proofed for an IP workflow, but included as standard are HD-SDI and Composite video connections that many studios still use, and USB or BNC CAN bus connectivity on all scroll controls also. Included in the system is CueiT Software, the CueB connectivity hub, and the CueScript PTZ Prompter and IP CSM Prompter Monitors.


LIBEC has added the AP-X adapter plate to its TH-X H fluid head and tripod system, providing more convenience and utility. The adapter plate design allows detaching the quick release plate with one hand while holding the camera with the other. The plate is also compatible with select Manfrotto and Sachtler heads.

MILLER CAMERA SUPPORT will show its CompassX series (CX2, CX6, CX8, CX10 and CX18), featuring the company’s CB PLUS technology, delivering 16 positions of counterbalance in all models, providing accurate balance.

SACHTLER and VINTEN will demonstrate their jointly developed flowtech 75 tripod, featuring unique quick release brakes and easy adjust levers that enable camera operators to set up and begin using the tripod in an instant. The two brands will showcase a pair of optional flowtech accessories, a detachable carry handle and a compact and lightweight dolly. The flowtech 75 dolly features an integral carry handle and foot-operated brakes for smooth and easy operation.


RUSHWORKS will demonstrate its PTX Universal PanTilt Heads, available in two sizes. They allow use of VISCA and DMX controllers to remotely control most cameras from AJA, ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Datavideo, JVC, Marshall, Panasonic, RED, Sony and others. Also new is the RUSHDOLLY for PTZ & PTX Production, a tiny but powerful self-propelled dolly that is designed to interface with PTZ and PTX cameras.

Shotoku Enhanced ECI Automation Interface

Shotoku Enhanced ECI Automation Interface

SHOTOKU USA will show its Enhanced ECI Automation Interface that brings efficiency and responsiveness to its TR-XT robotic camera control system. In addition to quick recall of pre-set camera positions during live broadcasts, enhanced ECI supports full joystick trim control to adjust and restore presets from automation systems or vision switcher panels.

TELEMETRICS will demonstrate its RCCP-1A Remote Camera Control Panel with reFrame Automatic Shot Correction, which intuitively and smoothly tracks the movement of on-air talent at a pace equal to that of a manned camera.

VINTEN will showcase its Vantage lightweight robotic head and and μVRC Controller. Vantage enables customers to choose the camera and lens that meet their requirements, and supports a wide range of pro-video camcorders from a variety of manufacturers. The μVRC is designed to complement the Vantage, giving the camera head even greater versatility and flexibility for enterprise video capture.


When LED lighting was first introduced it provided energy efficient and high output illumination, but with an undesirable color cast. Today’s LED technology has arrived a near perfection of color rendering.

ARRI returns with its popular line of SkyPanel LED soft lights, including the new S360-C. The many creative features built into SkyPanels will be demonstrated through a lighting show in the ARRI booth at the top of every hour.

BB&S LIGHTING will introduce its Force 7 LED LEKO lighting fixture, which delivers 750W equivalent output while drawing just 165W at maximum, with 97 CRI. BBS will show 3- and 4-foot Pipeline Free lighting fixtures, which deliver 4,000 lumens at 98 TLCI in a rugged aluminum-backed cylindrical pipe.

Cineo NBCUniversal LightBlade

Cineo NBCUniversal LightBlade

CINEO will introduce its NBCUniversal LightBlade Series, a versatile production lighting system featuring reference-quality tunable white light combined with a separate Rec.2020 saturated color system.

DOPCHOICE will introduce its RABBIT-EARS, which allow users to gang a pair of Litepanels Astra fixtures to a DoPchoice light softening and shaping tool. The system provides fast mounting of Snapbags and Snapgrids.

FLUOTEC VegaLux 200

FLUOTEC VegaLux 200

FLUOTEC will introduce its Cinelight Studio Long Throw LED Panels, designed for use in high-altitude studios. The line features high >97 CRI-TLCI color rendering indexes and a concentrated 50-degree fixed light beam. Also featured are the Vegalux Auralux Studio LED Fresnels. The Auralux 200 provides a motorized zoom variable beam; the Auralux 100 sports a manual zoom. Both are available in Tungsten 3200K and Daylight 5600K.

FREZZI will feature its LED ProLight and Combo Filter, a bright, light and feature rich camera-top light. It includes a quick release head, articulating extension arm, integrated USB charge port and passthru PT connector for piggy-backing another accessories.

K5600 will demonstrate its Joker2, a newly designed variant of the company’s long established Joker line of lights. Advanced features include wireless dimming, plug-in ignition with tungsten option, improved braking mechanism, and quick swap lamp mount.

LITEPANELS will showcase Gemini, an accurate and versatile 2x1 soft panel lighting fixture. Gemini’s latest firmware upgrade allows for a variety of cinematic features such as emergency lights, Fire TV, and hue bursts that are fully customizeable and can be easily saved to presets. Gemini eliminates the need for color correction by offering full-spectrum white light that’s ideal for lighting talent and rendering exceptional color.

MATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT will demonstrate the K-Stacker, a soft light solution that turns Kino Flo LED panels and fluorescent fixtures into larger soft light sources.

PHOTON BEARD will introduce its Solo Kit, designed around the company’s PB80 LED redhead. The Solo Kit, with three light heads, supplies convenient lighting accessories including three light stands, a soft box, battery plates and a soft case. Also new is the Edukit, designed to provide a professional quality, affordable lighting kit for basic broadcast use.


Battery and power supply makers continue to move their art forward with lighter weight, greater capacity batteries and faster chargers.

Anton Bauer Performance-Quad-V-Mount-Charger

Anton Bauer Performance-Quad-V-Mount-Charger

ANTON/BAUER will showcase its V-Mount Digital Battery Series, designed to power at 40 percent greater efficiency in a sleek, ergonomic design with an easy-to-read LCD display.

BHV BROADCAST, in the CueScript booth, will launch its Video Ghost dx, providing dc power, SDI video (ranging from SD to 4K) and a bidirectional data link over a single coaxial cable. The data link covers VISCA and Pelco protocols to drive PTZ cameras for fit-and-forget operation.

CORE SWX will premier its Nano-VBR98, designed for select Panasonic Camcorders such as the EVA. Also new is the Hypercore SLIM 98, which combines the compact design of the Hypercore SLIM HC8 with a 98Wh capacity and USB power output.

FREZZI will demonstrate its next iteration FLB battery, which features a new, built-in Power Tap connector to power lighting. It also sports an integrated USB charger port for smartphones and USB accessories. The FLB is available in 100Wh and 240Wh capacities, in both V-Mount and Anton-type mount.

PAG AMERICA will introduce its PAGlink PowerHub, which provides all outputs needed for camera accessories. Designed for use between two PAGlink Gold Mount batteries, it maintains continuous power to accessories while hot-swapping batteries. It features five ports for interchangeable D-Tap, Lemo, Hirose or USB output connector units. Also new is the PAGlink Micro Charger, an ultra-compact travel charging kit for PAGlink batteries. Gold Mount and V-Mount models are available.