Macnica Americas & intoPIX Demo FPGA Design at SMPTE 2015

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.—Macnica Americas and intoPIX have teamed up to provide a demonstration of a new FPGA to carry UHD 4K over IP in studio infrastructure, using Tico lightweight compression over RTP at SMPTE 2015.

The demonstration will feature an Altera FPGA development kit using an Altera HDMI 2.0 IP core with UHD 4K 60 fps input in 4:2:2, with intoPIX’s Tico IP cores doing the encoding and Macnica IP cores mapping over RTP and transport over 10GbE. As a result, a low latency with a minimum of nine pixel lines in total and a compression of up to 4:1 can be achieved.

The demonstration will occur at the Macnica Americas booth (SC7).

Macnica Americas is a design service and IP provider based in Tokyo. The Belgium-based intoPIX is a provider of image compression technology.