Loudness Tools Big Draw for RTW at IBC 2015

AMSTERDAM—RTW looks to bring the noise to the 2015 IBC Show, or more precisely the noise control. Among the products the video audio meters and monitoring devices provider will bring the Amsterdam for IBC 2015 includes its new Loudness and Mastering Tools, and Continuous Loudness Correction software. RTW will also be demonstrating its new TouchMonitor firmware and TM3 USB Connect.

The Mastering and Loudness tools are part of version 3.0 of RTW’s Masterclass Plug-ins for both Windows and Mac OS. The new update makes the software compliant with SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards and its windows and instruments are modified to be freely scalable. Version 3.0 also supports a 12th octave RTA and comes with RTW’s newly developed USB connect software.

Available as both a plug-in and standalone software, the CLC software has been implemented into RTW’s broadcast equipment. The CLC technology allows users to adapt the level of audio they are working on, against a given program-loudness value, along a definable loudness range in real-time. CLS software can handle DAW audio, live audio and files.

Designed for its TM7 and TM9 devices, the new firmware for RTW’s TouchMonitor will feature 12th octave RTA mode with 125 bands, a high resolution with bandpass filters. The new firmware includes a LF dedicated analyzer, cinema loudness modes, and asymmetrical and individual adjustable tolerance ranges for the loudness measurements. An additional numerical display will provide the length of an integrated measurement.

Also, the new TM3 USB Connect software enables a direct connection between a TM3-Primus as a plug-in within a DAW environment. The software provides a remote control within the DAW for stop, start and reset on the TM3-Primus. This device allows the TM3-Primus to be connected to any channel or group in the DAW project by just inserting the plug-in into the desired channel.

IBC 2015 takes place from Sept. 11-15 in Amsterdam.