I-Movix Announcing New Slo-Mo Camera Feature at 2017 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—I-Movix will announce the availability of a new Autoclip feature for its Infinite live slow motion camera at the 2017 NAB Show. This new feature allows important media assets to be transferred automatically to the server where they’re immediately available for use by VT operators.

The Infinite slow motion camera, demonstrated at last year’s NAB, captures continuous, on-board loop recording of more than an hour of footage at high frame rates and resolutions. Its extensive slow motion capabilities enable production teams to review and use substantial content for the live show, post-game analysis, or marketing.

With its extended memory, the camera does not require a dedicated server infrastructure. It can be used for remote/IP operation, and in a wireless setup. And it streamlines production logistics when used in standalone mode without a dedicated server, or in conjunction with a server.

Since the Infinite slow motion camera has a compact 2RU footprint, and only requires a single channel, it saves space in the OB van and contributes to a lower cost of ownership.

The 2017 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 24-27. I-Movix will be in boothC8625. For more information, visit www.nabshow.com.

Claudia Kienzle