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Florical Systems

Acuitas -- Looking for a low cost solution for adding secondary/ start-up/ mobile channel, upgrade servers to HD, or simply want to consolidate your broadcast chain? Acuitas is the answer. Florical has redesigned the Acuitas station-in-a-box to simplify your operation. Take advantage of an open architecture environment with all off-the-shelf hardware. Acuitas includes HD playout, graphics, effects, and switching. Move away from proprietary technology and step into the future of broadcasting.

AssetCollector -- Digital content management becoming a mess? Looking for a more integrated solution for dealing with Pitch Blue, DG, Pathfire, Extreme Reach, etc…? AssetCollector utilizes the power of Rhozet’s carbon coder to provide a complete automated solution for all digitally delivered content. AssetCollector is a new application that loads with Florical's S.M.A.R.T. Central workflow management tool that is accessed through any networked computer through Internet Explorer. Giving you the power to manage digital content from anywhere.

NewRecorder -- Attention News Directors and Production Managers! We have a new revolutionary product that will change the way you do News. Reduce costly overtime and staffing by recording stories into server for later playback. NewsRecorder is integrated with iNews and ENPS to provide the ability to record individual stories. The Producer has a run down editor to arrange the stories in the order they desire. Fast and on-the-fly. As the priority changes you can easily change the playout order. Change the way you think about News.

S.M.A.R.T. Central applications -- S.M.A.R.T. Central is Florical's unique workflow management product that has revolutionized how stations operate their automation system. It provides the power of Florical's automation at your fingertips and can be securely accessed from any networked computer. We have continued to expand the product by adding new applications that can save your operation time and money. Everything from reporting and monitoring to disaster recovery remote access. It is like television automations version of the iPhone. As simple as adding an app.

Established Products: Airboss, MediaMaster, SMART Central, ShowTimer, Remote Airboss, Supervisory Monitor