Evertz to Debut IP-Based Monitoring Platform at IBC 2015

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO—Evertz is bringing a quartet of products to Amsterdam for the upcoming 2015 IBC Show, led by the IP-based monitoring platform, MViP-II. The audio and video infrastructure manufacturer will also have its new audio/video processor, router, and 10GE monitoring system on hand.


The MViP-II offers audio and video monitoring from an IP transport stream with features like loudness monitoring, Macroblock detection and fault based recording. The system is able to simultaneously support decodes of up to 64xMPEG/H.264 SD, 32xMPEG/H.264 or 16xH.264 HD in a single 2RU chassis. The MViP-II can be used to monitor both main screen encodes and over the top streams, including HLS, LSS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH on top of MPEG-2 transport streams. The platform supports all major video compression standards, as well as streaming output. When integrated with Evertz’s VistaLINK SNMP system, MViP-II supports source cycling, penalty box, fault logging and reporting under a single management system.

Evertz will also introduce the 7815VPDA series of audio/video processors for SD, HD and 3G SDI signals. The 7815VDPA is single module that is able to address up/down/cross conversion, frame synchronization, video/audio processing, coaxial/optical signal distribution and streaming encoding. Up to 14 paths of signal processing/distribution can be housed in only 3RU of rack space.

The latest entry in the EQX routing family will also be display, the EQX 10. The new router features a compact vertically seated crosspoint architecture that utilizes Green technology and EQX frame controller. This frame design allows for reduced power consumption and heat dissipation in the input, output, and crosspoint module. The EQX 10 was also designed to integrate with Evertz SDVN for fully hybrid architecture using EQX-IPG Video Gateway modules.

Lastly, the 3067VIP10G-3G-HW multi-image display processing module with 10G interface will be present at IBC 2015. The system offers multiviewer functionality with up to 36 inputs and 4 outputs, and is designed to high resolution displays by accepting uncompressed video over 10G multiple links as sources, and outputs mosaic uncompressed or JPEG2000 encoded over 10G. Based off of Evertz’s 7867VIP series, 3067VIP inherits features like automatic aspect ratio adjustment per source, graticule generation, audio monitoring with level bar display, signal fault monitoring and under monitoring display.

Evertz will be located at booth 3.C20 during IBC 2015, which runs from Sept. 11-15 in Amsterdam.