Dialight Produces LED Tower Beacon

(click thumbnail)Dialight D264 BeaconThe Dialight Corp. has announced production of its medium-intensity, red-and-white flashing beacon, for use on communication towers, turbines and other high-altitude aircraft hazards.

This new LED beacon is constructed specifically to prevail under conditions where previous conventional Xenon and incandescent systems have failed. These systems have contributed to a short product life, contributing to higher maintenance costs.

Dialight Business Development Manager James Gulliver said in a press release, “The use of LED light technology on wind turbines is a massive innovation. The new beacon offers operators a reliable, long lasting, low-maintenance product, which overcomes all the problems currently associated with placing obstruction lighting on the top of wind turbines and other vibrating structures.”

The new Dialight LED features solid-state design with 20,000 candela flashing white and 2,000 candela steady or flashing red. Its design meets both Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) A/C 150/5345-43 and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 14 July 1999 standards, as well as NEMA 4/IP65 standards for moisture ingress.

The new beacon operates under a variety of conditions including temperatures ranging from -55 to 55 C, direct sunlight, wind speeds up to 200 kph, high humidity, salt fog and high levels of vibration. With the same footprint as conventional designs, the Dialight LED beacon can easily be used in existing installations.

Other features include reduced light pollution by directing light to effective altitudes keeping it off the ground, thermal management to ensure longer life by reducing wear and a five-year performance warranty. Its installation is simplified through a two-part installation and is externally controlled to change between night and day modes. A default flashing mode activates if synchronization is lost, and addition of a GPS receiver is permitted to synch with surrounding lights for a wind farm function.

For more information, contact Dialight Corp. by phone at 1-732-919-3119, or via e-mail at info@dialight.com or jgulliver@dialight.co.uk.