Apantac Launching VoIP Multiviewers at IBC 2017

PORTLAND, ORE.—Apantac is preparing its new video over IP multiviwers for display at the upcoming IBC 2017 show.

The new Si-16 series of multiviewers from Apantac are designed for monitoring video and audio over an IP network infrastructure. Apantac will demonstrate the Si-16’s ability to support the ST 2022-6 standard for encapsulated SDI over IP. Apantac expects that the multiviewers will also be able to support the ST 2022-7 standard, as well as the ST 2110 video over IP standard. The Si-16 multiviwers accept 16 VoIP inputs using SFP modules. The connection between the IP Switch and the Si-16 is done via fiber.

Apantac has three models for Si-16 multiviewers, all of which share the same 1RU hardware. The Si-16 is a 16x1 multiviewer with a dual set of identical HDMI and SDI outputs. The Si-16+ consists of two 8x1 multiviewers where the output from each is available as both HDMI and SDI. And the Si-16# is a 16x2 multiviwer with two sets of HDMI and SDI outputs, where any input can be displayed on one or both outputs.

Apantac is also expected to feature a new VoIP input board for its modular T# multiviewer series accepting up to eight ST 2022-6 signals.

Apantac will be located at booth 8.E37 during IBC 2017.