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AMC Taps Evertz for 10GbE Playout Facility

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS--Evertz has announced that AMC Networks has gone live with the world's first 10GbE playout facility using Evertz Software Defined Video Networking technology. Powered by the Evertz OvertureRT-LIVE 10GbE enabled integrated playout server and Mediator MAM/Automation software, the system delivers the complete portfolio of channels from AMC Networks International - Latin America.

The multichannel playout facility uses Evertz file based work-flows and 10GbE IP infrastructure including two 46Tb/s EXE-VSR IP routing cores, multiple 10GbE enabled OvertureRT-LIVE integrated playout severs, 570IPG Media Gateways and 3067VIP10G 10GbE Multi-Image Display Processors.

The Evertz Mediator Content Manager and Playtime Multi-channel automation system orchestrates all the file-based work flows and playout automation within the facility. Using Evertz' SDVN technology, all the elements of the system are tied together to form a highly optimized and dynamic IP based delivery engine.

"Adopting the latest IP technology to further increase efficiencies, reduce operational costs and provide future scalability was a key consideration for us," said John Barbieri, senior vice president and GM of AMC Networks Broadcasting and Technology. "Evertz has an extremely powerful and tightly coupled MAM and playout solution along with leading edge 10GbE technologies. They were a natural choice for us."