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Abaltat Announces New Computer Applications

Abaltat, the Ireland-based video and film-editing software designer, has three new applications ready for NAB2007.

Abaltat Muse is a video-driven soundtrack composer, applying artificial intelligence to selected video elements and composing the music itself using picture windows, timelines and keyframes. Designed specifically for video editors, Muse plays out via a MIDI sampler and can output in virtually limitless quality AIFF, WAV or even MIDI file format for external audio editing.

Abaltat Band is a plug-in for Muse, allowing for diverse audio creation through different composition styles or changes in instruments, scales and mixes controlled by video keyframes. Also, any music created with Band carries no prior royalties.

Abaltat Beat allows a video editor to cut the picture first and follow up with the ideal beats-per-minute (BPM) value to find the best speed. Beat creates a drum pattern to sync with the edited video for review, which can be adjusted by time signature, changing the feel for a piece from R&B to waltz to march. QuickTime files can be exported with a synchronized audio track, as well as MIDI files to allow for further audio editing.

For more information about Abaltat and its products, visit the company’s Web site at